Self-Service Workforce Management With WorkforceHub

Dec 5, 2021

employee time card management system South Jordan Are your clients benefitting from self-service HR? People too young to remember the days before pay-at-the-pump gas stations, online banking, and airport check-in kiosks, probably can’t fully appreciate the advantages of self-service. Self-service workforce management can make life easier and more productive at any business.

Swipeclock’s WorkforceHub has the convenient tools to empower your clients with self-service timecard management, remote punch in/out, PTO accrual reports, and automated schedule change requests.

Your supervisors will enjoy the automation of schedule creation and management, shift change approvals, PTO tracking, employee notifications, time and attendance management, and customized employee overtime alerts.

Why spend more time and money managing your workforce than necessary? You hire smart, capable people—it makes perfect sense to let them handle every possible workforce management task. Your employees will appreciate the convenience, improved efficiency, and reduced confusion of Employee Self-Service (ESS).

WorkforceHub is an advanced, cloud-based scheduling solution that eliminates over staffing, lessens overtime, and quickly identifies coverage gaps.

When processes are converted to a self-service model and coordinated among staff members, it elevates employee morale dramatically.

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Swipeclock offers WorkforceHub, the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your supervisors, employees, and business processes.

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