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Feb 3, 2022
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The Power of Good Employee Onboarding

Do your clients use a structured onboarding process?

According Business News Daily, over one third of companies do not have a structured onboarding process.

In fact, in many companies, onboarding consists of a short orientation meeting followed by reams of forms for the new hire to complete.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s unfortunate that many businesses don’t prioritize onboarding because it is super important. Indeed, a well-designed onboarding process has many benefits.

Onboarding Impacts Long-Term Success

Firstly, new hires gain confidence more quickly. Secondly, they have a shorter time-to-productivity. Thirdly, they are more likely to develop a sense of company loyalty. Not surprisingly, because of the advantages for new hires, companies with good onboarding see lower turnover.

What should onboarding include?

  • Workplace tour
  • Orientation
  • Employee handbook review
  • Time and attendance instructions
  • Payroll instructions
  • Benefits enrollment

(Note that we didn’t include training. We are referring to tasks common to most organizations.)

Do Your Clients Use Technology for Onboarding?

Some companies are using employee onboarding software to automate some of the tasks. Employees are directed to the company onboarding website before their first day onsite. They are introduced to policies and procedures and can fill out the necessary forms.

The advantages of advance online onboarding:

  • New hires can complete the process in a comfortable setting
  • Employees don’t feel pressured to complete it quickly because a supervisor is waiting
  • It saves on administrative costs
  • Managers or administrators can track progress
  • It improves data security and privacy

It’s important to note that the Department of Labor requires employers to pay employees for time spent onboarding and training.

Workforce management software streamlines onboarding in several ways. In the first place, centralized document management simplifies the process for new hires and admin staff. Because of cloud-based access, administrators can easily manage and update documents.

In addition, cloud-based onboarding software improves team communication because everyone can see the new hire workflows and any updates in real time. Plus, onboarding software allows administrators to track the new hire’s progress in completing paperwork.  Here is another thing to consider: digital files save money and reduce the environmental impact.

Swipeclock’s WorkforceHub is a unified Human Resources portal that includes automated employee onboarding.

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Swipeclock offers WorkforceHub, the Time and Labor solution that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your managers, employees, and organizational processes.

WorkforceHub includes Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Timekeeping, Scheduling, Employee Self-Service, PTO Management, and Benefits Enrollment.

WorkforceHub was developed for busy employers who want to reduce cost-per-hire, streamline scheduling, automate time tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce labor costs.

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