Why Your Clients Need a Hiring Plan

Jun 1, 2022
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Do your clients hire on an as-needed basis?

In other words, when someone quits, they kick into hiring mode?

Small business that turn a reactive hiring process to a proactive one gain many advantages.

Any size company can create a yearly hiring plan which provides the following benefits to your clients:

  1. Find higher quality employees
  2. Prevent lapses in productivity
  3. Shorten time to hire
  4. Maximize the recruiting budget

What Is a Yearly Hiring Plan?

A hiring plan is long-term strategy for your clients’ human capital needs. It forecasts the talent they will need and outlines the steps to meet those needs.

How Will a Yearly Hiring Help Your Clients?

A hiring plan ensures uninterrupted productivity. When you anticipate talent needs, you can take the time to find the ideal staff member for each job role.

Indeed, a carefully-sourced hire adds value sooner than a rushed hire. As you follow your plan, you increase the competence of your labor force.

How Do My Clients Create a Yearly Hiring Plan?

Your clients can use this step-by-step guide to create a hiring plan.

  1. Evaluate the current staff
  2. Align talent needs with business growth forecasts
  3. Evaluate whether hiring processes are effective
  4. Create a hiring roadmap for this year and beyond

Assess Hiring Needs

First, you should survey each business function. This means the executive team, all departments and managers and their teams.

Assess the hiring needs for the coming year (or longer). Will you be adding product or services? Will you be opening new locations?

Look for Skills Gaps

Based on your forecast, look for skills gaps. In addition, identify if you have current employees who could fill some of the positions.

Talk to the executives about the business strategy. Which new roles will be necessary?

Once you have finished your plan, you will need to circle back if the hiring budget is too low.

If your company is too large to talk to everyone in person, create a survey. If you use WorkforceHub, post a link to the survey on the HR interface.

Next, evaluate hiring processes.

  1. Are you managing applications efficiently?
  2. Do you have a good way to post to job boards?
  3. Have you built workflows and checklists?
  4. Are you filling positions in a timely manner?
  5. If not, what do you need to improve?

Next, make a plan to improve your hiring processes. Combine your hiring plan with your recruiting process improvements.

WorkforceHub includes the industry-leading applicant tracking system (sold standalone as ApplicantStack). If you aren’t currently using an applicant tracking system, talk to us today.

With WorkforceHub, you find better employees, faster. It helps you maximize your hiring budget. Automated scoring measures soft skills and helps prevent bias Collaboration tools empower your team to work together efficiently.

Bottom line?

WorkforceHub will help you execute your hiring plan to grow your business.

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