Swipeclock’s Facial Recognition Time Clock With Temperature Scanning Ideal Solution as Companies Return to Work

Jul 15, 2021

Swipeclock Vision+ advanced facial recognition/thermal temperature detection time clock pairs with WorkforceHub, a unified small business HR solution that saves time, optimizes labor resources and protects against compliance penalties.

July 15, 2021 – South Jordan, Utah – Swipeclock launched Vision+, a facial recognition biometric time clock with integrated thermal temperature detection as an ideal solution as many companies return to on-site work and as others begin to scale with the economy heating up. Vision+ combines biometric security, split-second identity authentication, thermal temperature scanning and advanced employee timekeeping.

“As employers begin to return to office and scale workforces, protecting employee health and safety is critical. Small businesses need a multi-functional time clock that provides speed and biometric security,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of Swipeclock. “Vision+ offers this with the addition of thermal temperature scanning.”

Swipeclock Vision+ speeds up the process of shift clocking so employees can get to work without delay. It confirms identity in less than a second by measuring key landmarks on the employees’ faces. Simultaneously, the clock scans the employee’s temperature as they clock in. If the temperature registers above a configurable threshold, this will prevent the employee from clocking in and the punch will not be recorded. This gives the manager a chance to address the issue discreetly before the employee enters the workspace. Keeping sick employees out of the work environment can prevent outbreaks at the business.

Vision+ ensures that small businesses can track hours correctly for payroll, keep data safe, prevent buddy clocking, remotely screen for fever and offer a minimal-contact sanitary clocking experience.

Vision+ Integrates with WorkforceHub

Importantly, the Vision+ time clock syncs with WorkforceHub for an end-to-end, scalable HR solution tailored specifically to small businesses. WorkforceHub includes Time and Labor, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Benefits Enrollment and Performance Management.

“Pairing the Vision+ employee time clock with WorkforceHub provides the HR tech solution small businesses need to grow and prosper,” explained Barney.

With WorkforceHub, busy owners, managers, and employees have more time to focus on growing the business, rather than doing time-consuming, tedious HR tasks. WorkforceHub also protects companies from compliance penalties by automating error-prone manual processes.

About Swipeclock

Swipeclock provides HR tech solutions designed for the way small businesses work. With a “get in and get work done” crisp and responsive user interface, Swipeclock solutions minimize compliance challenges, improve productivity and have the rapid time to value small businesses need. Swipeclock’s flagship product, WorkforceHub, seamlessly connects core human resources, time and labor, benefits management and talent within one unified solution.

Over 30,000 businesses and 1,000,000 employees are powered by Swipeclock solutions either directly or through its extensive network of valued partners. The solutions are built and supported by teams of workforce management experts, ensuring robust features and an implementation process engineered to deliver quick results and delighted clients.

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