SwipeClock Wins Coveted “Stevie” Award

May 17, 2017

SwipeClock Wins Stevie® Award for Best New Product of the Year

 Prestigious Award in the Human Capital Management Category Recognizes SwipeClock’s Ability To Reduce Payroll Processing Time and Help Companies Comply with Labor Laws

May 16, 2017—Salt Lake City—SwipeClock LLC has won a Stevie® Award for Best New Product of the Year in the Human Capital Management category. The bronze award recognizes the benefits of SwipeClock’s recently launched TimeWorksTouch® clock that combines intelligent timekeeping and advance scheduling software with an advanced touchscreen clock. The innovative clock also includes a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities that greatly improves employee interaction with the time clock which results in more accurate labor data

“Each year the judges find the quality and variety of the nominations to be greater than the year before,” said Michael Gallagher, president and founder of the Stevie Awards. “The 2017 competition was intense and every organization that has won should be proud.”

“SwipeClock is honored to win a Stevie for Best New Product of the Year in the Human Capital Management category,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “Our innovative solution, which is seamlessly integrated with our Workforce Management Suite, reduces labor costs, improves payroll accuracy, and increases compliance with labor laws.”

 SwipeClock’s TimeWorks Touch

SwipeClock’s innovative touchscreen clock and software include a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities that greatly improve employee interactions with the time clock. They make labor data more accurate and reduce the time required to process payroll, improving accuracy and compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Workforce Management Suite includes:

  • PunchLogic—applies intelligent business rule logic to the timekeeping process to prevent punch errors by displaying an employee’s most recent punch.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal—enables employees to view their timecards and make changes when punching in or out.
  • Track breaks and meals—can be easily configured to enforce company policies and improve labor law compliance.
  • Advanced Scheduling—put your best employees on the schedule and cut overtime staffing and notify with mobile alerts.

 For more information about the Workforce Management Suite and other SwipeClock solutions, click here.

 About the American Business Awards (The Stevies)

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. More than 190 professionals worldwide participated in the judging process to select this year’s Stevie Award winners, which were selected from more than 3,600 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry. Learn more about the American Business Awards and the Stevies at http://stevieawards.com/aba.

About SwipeClock

SwipeClock is a leader in simple and affordable workforce management solutions. More than 1,000 payroll and HR service providers partner with SwipeClock, empowering 35,000+ businesses and their 1,000,000+ employees to reduce labor costs, comply with regulations, and maximize profits.

SwipeClock solutions streamline HR management, from applicant tracking to timekeeping, advanced scheduling, benefits enrollment, secure online document storage, employee engagement and automated workflows. These solutions are integrated and mobile-ready.

SwipeClock products include WorkforceHUB, TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, ApplicantStack, and intelligent hardware clocks TimeWorksTouch and TimeWorksTUFF for rugged timekeeping in the field.

SwipeClock and its partners help employers transform labor from a cost of doing business to a competitive advantage.

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