Swipeclock Summit ’22 Highlights

Oct 11, 2022
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We Appreciate Summit Attendees and Sponsors!

Over 500 Swipeclock reselling partners attended our virtual conference on October 6 and 7. We had the highest turnout to date and appreciate the attendees and sponsors for contributing to a successful event.

Swipeclock Summit '22

Summit ’22 Sessions Available On-Demand

All Summit sessions are available on-demand for 30 days. Attendees can use the same magic link they were emailed to attend the live conference.

Let’s recap some takeaways:

Coleman Barney, Swipeclock CEO

Swipeclock CEO Coleman Barney discussed the importance of business agility as part of a “velocity mindset”. To illustrate, he shared two examples of innovative Swipeclock Partners. One is focusing on the emerging cannabis market while another saw a need in the hospitality sector and customized an HR platform for regional hotel chains.

Swipeclock Summit '22 Dr. Rick Rigsby

Keynote: Dr. Rick Rigsby

“Inconvenience yourself every day for the sake of others.”

Dr. Rick Rigsby lived up to his stellar reputation as an electrifying keynote speaker. He focused on how to make an impact rather than an impression. He counsels leaders as follows: 1. Own your work and not blame others, 2. Unlearn and relearn what needs to be done and, 3. Don’t judge.

Swipeclock Summit Panel

Panel Discussion on Industry Trends

“Time and labor is one of the best products to sell because there is ROI all over it.”  – Mary Grothe, House of Revenue

Our panel discussion on industry trends featured Pam Keller, Mary Grothe, Michael Reis and Bahaa Mikhail. Michael Reis of Southland Data Processing said he’s seeing a lot of growth in animal-based care, real estate, and professional services businesses. Pam Keller of Vensure PEO said the turbulent hiring market is still impacting their PEO clients and that flexible Swipeclock time and labor solutions are more important than ever.

Pam Keller and Bahaa Mikhail both emphasized the value of Swipeclock integrations. Bahaa explained; “For us to be able to take Swipeclock API connections and build it into one experience for our clients is one of the better selling points we are able to offer.” Pam added, “The Swipeclock integrations are a timesaver all around.”

We were happy to hear that SDP is using our vast library of partner sales and marketing assets: “Swipeclock’s Pep (Partner Empowerment Portal) is a really good resource to sell the application and talk about the solutions that automate, streamline and track compliance” – Michael Reis, VP of Sales, Southland Data Processing

Summit '22 Roadmap

2023 Product Roadmap

Swipeclock CTO, Paul Stevens and Paulo Malit, Director of Product Management, shared Swipeclock’s product roadmap for 2023 and beyond. Product advancements on the roadmap include:

  • Job and pay rate management
  • Biometric consent
  • Additional notifications for managers, employees and providers
  • Security enhancements including 2-factor authentication

Attendee Feedback

“I really enjoyed the strategic path sessions. I walked away from the conference with a lot of ideas for our team.”

Swipeclock Summit '22

“Each of the sessions I attended was fantastic. John Mulholland made me WANT to start looking for a new hire just so I could use the ApplicantStack platform.

“I loved the keynote speaker and learned a lot of valuable information.”

“Thank you for all that you do to support your partners: I always appreciate the attentiveness and providing support tools and resources that we can easily understand and relate to.”

“Coleman gave some great strategies to move forward with. The quote about ‘Having the ability to unlearn the past and learn new things to adapt to the future,’ is a lesson in itself.”

Summit ’22 Partner Award Winners

We honored seven partners with Swipeclock Summit ‘22 Awards. You can read about each winner here: Bravo to Our 2022 Award Winners.

Thanks again to our sponsors and attendees. Watch this space for information on Swipeclock Summit ’23 scheduled for October 5th and 6th. Registration will open Summer 2023.

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