SwipeClock Integrates New Workforce Management Clock into Adaptasoft’s Leading Payroll Software

Dec 22, 2016

Intelligent Clock Features Combined with Adaptasoft’s Cloud-based CyberPay Online Phoenix Software Delivers Single Sign-On Capability

December 22, 2016—Salt Lake City—SwipeClock today announced it is strengthening its 15-year partnership with Adaptasoft, a leading developer of software solutions for payroll service providers. Specifically, SwipeClock is embedding its new intelligent Workforce Management Clock into CyberPay Online Phoenix, Adaptasoft’s cloud-based payroll service provider software.

The integrated solution makes it much more convenient for employers and workers to access important payroll information with a single sign-on. Together, these capabilities improve the competitiveness of payroll service providers by delivering a better workforce management experience to their customers in a rapidly changing and fast moving market.

“For more than 20 years, we have developed software to help payroll providers deliver exceptional products and services to employers and their employees,” said Connie Martin, President and CEO of Adaptasoft. “Given our industry experience and long-term partnership with SwipeClock, we have become trusted partners with payroll providers and are excited to give them a further competitive edge in the workforce management market.”

“Adaptasoft is one of our first and strongest partners,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “After more than 15 years, we have seen the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the workforce management market. We understand what payroll providers need to be successful. With this announcement, it is great to further strengthen our long-term partnership with Adaptasoft, especially because it benefits our mutual payroll provider customers.”

Adaptasoft’s CyberPay Online Phoenix

CyberPay Online Phoenix is a robust cloud-based application that provides all the tools necessary for employers to interface with their payroll service providers and streamline payroll processing. The solution uses a single database for payroll, HR, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance. CyberPay Online Phoenix is also integrated with timekeeping solutions, paperless benefits management, employee on-boarding, applicant tracking, and a comprehensive HR support center.

Additional integration benefits include:

  • Single sign on for employers and employees
  • Easier importing of SwipeClock timekeeping data into payroll records
  • Improved synchronization between SwipeClock and Adaptasoft such as employee hire, rehire, and termination dates, default pay rate, supervisor fields, and employee time clock IDs

SwipeClock’s Intelligent Workforce Management Clock

Launched in September, SwipeClock’s new Workforce Management Clock includes a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities that greatly improve employee interactions with the time clock so labor data are more accurate. The new clock greatly reduces the time required to process and finalize payroll. It also improves employer records, which keeps companies in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

New features include: PunchLogic, which applies intelligent business rule logic to timekeeping; an employee self service portal, which lets employees view and edit their timecards when punching in an out; and break and meal tracking, to enable employers to easily enforce company policies and improve labor law compliance.


CyberPay Online Phoenix from Adaptasoft with the integrated SwipeClock Workforce Management Clock is now available.

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