SwipeClock Embeds Its Workforce Management Clock into Shugo’s Employee Self-Service Portal To Give Execupay Payroll Customers a Single Point of Access

Nov 17, 2016

SwipeClock’s New Workforce Management Clock Means Greater Ease for Businesses

Intelligent Features, Seamless Integration, and Common User Interface Give Execupay Clients a Convenient Single-Access Point to Payroll and Workforce Management Functions

November 9, 2016—San Antonio, TX, Execupay User ConferenceSwipeClock today announced it is partnering with Shugo, a leader in providing innovative SaaS solutions for small businesses and developer of the HUB payroll portal, and Execupay, a full-service payroll software provider. The partnership will deliver convenient single-point access to workforce management and payroll functions. Specifically, SwipeClock’s new Workforce Management Clock is now embedded into Shugo’s HUB portal that serves as the Employee Self Service portal for Execupay users.

“Keeping track of multiple user IDs, passwords, and websites that are used by employees to punch in and out, request time off, view pay stubs, and access other benefit information can be confusing,” said Execupay user Writ Baese, President of Hill Country Payroll. “We are excited that we can now provide our clients and their employees with a simple solution that gives them these functions and access to information in one convenient place with a common easy-to-use interface.”

“One of our driving missions with HUB is to provide employers and employees with a single entry point for all payroll related needs,” said Rick Hymanson, Founder of Shugo. “There is no one-size-fits-all solution for employers and employees in today’s market. By integrating SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Clock into HUB via Shugo’s LOFT application framework, employers and our payroll provider partners have the option to use this solution for their workforce management needs. This saves time for employees and enables our payroll provider partners to customize the solution for their clients’ specific needs.”

shugoclockintegrationShugo’s HUB Portal

Shugo’s HUB portal redefines the payroll experience for employees by providing a single point of access on any Internet-connected device throughout their entire employment lifecycle. With a single-user account, employees can access all payroll related data such as new hire documentation, pay stubs, and W2 forms. Employers benefit from a customizable company intranet, complete with HUB’s native HRIS features. These include advanced messaging, document management, and employee virtual file cabinets.

In addition, Shugo’s LOFT application marketplace provides customizable features directly inside of HUB, with a number of time and attendance, benefit administration, and other employee benefit options available.

SwipeClock’s Intelligent Workforce Management Clock

Launched in September, SwipeClock’s new Workforce Management Clock includes a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities that greatly improve employee interactions with the time clock so labor data are more accurate. The new clock greatly reduces the time required to process and finalize payroll. It also improves employer records, which keeps companies in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

New features include: PunchLogic, which applies intelligent business rule logic to timekeeping; an employee self service portal, which lets employees view and edit their timecards when punching in an out; and break and meal tracking, to enable employers to easily enforce company policies and improve labor law compliance.

“With few exceptions, today’s HR and payroll solutions haven’t kept pace with improved usability in other markets,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “This announcement is significant because it exemplifies what can be accomplished in the workforce management industry when leaders partner to achieve a shared goal. By working together to address the needs of today’s business owners, SwipeClock, Shugo, and Execupay are setting a standard for others to follow.”


Shugo and SwipeClock will roll out the new LOFT store portal with SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Clock to existing clients in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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