Swipeclock Announces Summit 2022 Partner Award Winners

Oct 7, 2022
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Congratulations to Swipeclock Summit 2022 Award Winners!

We’re excited to announce our 2022 Summit Partner Awards. We added more categories this year because we have so many outstanding partners! Here are the winners:

Makai HR: The Leading Edge Award

Makai HR is a PEO featuring PrismHR software. As a PrismHR partner, they were one of the first to adopt WorkforceHub Core into their sales process. Recently they began moving clients to WorkforceHub Advanced and to date have more clients on our next generation WorkforceHub than any other Partner. Congratulations, Makai HR!

Southland Data Processing: Super Partner

The Super Partner Award is awarded to the partner with the highest combination of Revenue, new Sites, and Engagement. Also known as “SDP,” Southland Data Processing has been one of our leading partners for as long as I can remember. SDP’s continued growth and leadership in our community makes them an obvious choice this year. We appreciate their constant engagement in many areas of our business including sales, implementation, marketing and at the executive level. They are truly a super partner. Bravo!

AccountantsWorld: Best New Integration

Each year we review the progress we’ve made with our integration partners and decide who to recognize based on a combination of factors including progress, partnership and prospects. This year we created the TaaP program – which stands for Time as a Platform, to help partners create deeper and more productive integrations with our next generation of time and labor solutions. We’ve been working on integration with AccountantsWorld for over two years. Over that time we’ve forged a strong relationship that continues today. Our first integration with AccountantsWorld was a leading connection to our legacy workforce management suite. Today we are excited to have an even more robust integration with our next-generation WorkforceHub package including Advanced and Plus. Thank you, AccountantsWorld!

Integrity HRM: Best Rookie Partner

Integrity HRM joined our Swipeclock Partner Program in January of this year and took off like a rocket. With outstanding performance and a leading number of new sites, Integrity HRM is our most outstanding new partner and we appreciate their hard work and strong partnership. Congratulations Integrity HRM – we’re excited to have you on board!

Trion Solutions: Like a BOSS Award

This prize is awarded to our top BOSS Partner based on the number of referrals generated in the last year. Trion Solutions is a full-service PEO specializing in payroll and taxes, benefits administration, workers’ compensation and regulatory compliance. Trion is consistently among our top referrers every month. They’ve received our monthly Referral Rewards every month since we started the program. For those of you who don’t know, we reward our BOSS Partners with awesome branded swag when they refer two or more clients in any given month. Trion is always on the list, and often by a considerable margin. Thank you, Trion, for all your hard work!

Kymberly Group: Marketing Megaphone Award

This new award is based on engagement with our marketing resources including PEP, Campaign in a Box, and our Lead Assistance Program. Kymberly Group wasn’t the first to join our Lead Assistance Program, but boy did they jump in with both feet. Kymberly Group embraced the entire program and brought their own ideas which personalized and expanded the resources. The result is an ongoing digital campaign, coupled with print-based communications and even integrated email promotions that produced a record number of referrals in their second month in the program. We’re excited to be working with Kymberly Group and look forward to even bigger things to come. Congratulations, and thank you for your partnership!

Webb Payroll Service: Most Engaged Partner

This award is based on interaction with account management, number of joint demos, and use of our marketing resources including Campaign in a Box. When we asked our account management team to submit their nominations for this award, we got a lot of input. Since we’re engaged with quite a few of our partners, this was a tough category to judge. In the end, Webb Payroll Service won by a nose. Congratulations; you are this year’s Most Engaged Partner.

While these seven organizations came out on top at Swipeclock Summit 2022, we appreciate each and every one of our outstanding Swipeclock Partners and wish you continued success through Q4 and 2023.

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