Swipeclock Announces Integration With Gusto Payroll for Small Businesses

Jul 12, 2021



South Jordan, Utah – July 13, 2021Swipeclock announces an easy-to-use, seamless integration between WorkforceHub, its comprehensive small business HR tech solution, and Gusto payroll.

Businesses choosing Gusto for payroll can now connect to the WorkforceHub platform that includes powerful time tracking, scheduling, talent and benefits management.

“WorkforceHub solves the challenges faced by small employers who are grappling with highly involved labor and compliance requirements. Connecting WorkforceHub to Gusto payroll creates a unified punch to payroll solution tailored for growing small businesses,” said Coleman Barney, Swipeclock Chief Executive Officer.

Swipeclock launched WorkforceHub to fill a crucial gap in the small business HR tech market. Small employers need a robust solution with accelerated setup and rapid time to value. Enterprise tech scaled down for small business is expensive, slow to deploy and unnecessarily complicated. HR systems designed for small businesses aren’t equipped to solve mission-critical workforce management. WorkforceHub strikes the balance between ease of use and the breadth of function that solves real-world operational challenges.

In addition, WorkforceHub provides a high level of customization not found with other small business HR systems. “Being nimble is part of serving small business,” states Barney. “Our flexibility in tailoring our solution to our clients’ needs includes custom configuration of accrual structures, overtime rules, and clock-in prompts.”

Advanced employee scheduling, PTO management, threshold alerts, geofencing, AI-enabled time clock hardware, job costing and schedule enforcement are other key features of WorkforceHub. Now with its integration with Gusto payroll, small businesses can forego the error-prone, tedious processes when using disparate systems. No more data entry, spreadsheets, paper timecards or manual calculation of hours, overtime, family leave or PTO.

Swipeclock also recently announced its launch of intelligent facial recognition Vision time clocks that pair with WorkforceHub for those needing physical clock-punching solutions.

About Swipeclock

Swipeclock provides HR tech solutions designed for the way small businesses work. With a “get in and get work done” friendly and clean user interface, Swipeclock solutions minimize compliance challenges, improve productivity and have the rapid time to value that small businesses need. Swipeclock’s flagship product, WorkforceHub, seamlessly connects core human resources, time and labor, benefits management, and talent within one unified solution.

Over 35,000 businesses and 1,000,000 employees are powered by Swipeclock solutions either directly or through its extensive network of valued partners. The solutions are built and supported by teams of workforce management experts, ensuring robust features and an implementation process engineered to deliver quick results and delighted clients.

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