SwipeClock and ThinkWare Simplify Workforce Management

Apr 18, 2017

SwipeClock and ThinkWare Integrate Workforce Management Solutions To Simplify Administration and Support for Hundreds of Joint Customers

Combined, SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite and ThinkWare’s DNet 2.0 Give PEOs and ASOs a Single Sign-On to Easily Access and Manage Payroll and Benefits Online

April 18, 2017—Salt Lake City—SwipeClock LLC and ThinkWare today announced the two companies are further integrating their workforce management solutions to simplify employee administration and support for hundreds of joint customers. The integration of SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite and ThinkWare’s DNet 2.0 web portal provides a single a sign-on, making it easier to access and share employee information between the two applications, finalize payroll, punch timecards, approve time off requests, edit timecards, view paychecks and W-2’s, and conduct benefit open enrollment sessions.

Importantly, the streamlined experience combined with access to SwipeClock’s convenient web functionality enables ThinkWare’s rapidly growing roster of PEOs and ASOs to deliver an improved and more feature-rich solution to their target customers. “We are excited about the integration with SwipeClock’s leading time and attendance solution,” said Kevin Eickmann, President of ThinkWare. “We have had a long working relationship with SwipeClock and this further integrates our solutions creating an even better solution for our clients.”

“We value our partnership with ThinkWare and are pleased to more tightly integrate our software solutions to benefit ThinkWare’s customers,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “ThinkWare and SwipeClock are both committed to providing the best possible user experience by improving the way our products work together.”

ThinkWare’s DNet 2.0 Web Portal

DNet 2.0 is ThinkWare’s next-generation self-service portal designed for employers and employees to access, manage, and report on their payroll, billing, benefit, and human resources information. The web portal is designed to empower users with expanded functionality in terms of data entry, reporting, and communication. DNet is developed with the latest tools and technology available to give clients a competitive advantage.

Further, DNet is designed to let PEOs and ASOs customize the solution to each of clients’ specific needs. At the same time, the solution is easy to use and can quickly be adopted by both employers and their employees.

SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite

SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite includes TimeSimplicity for advanced scheduling, TimeWorksPlus for timekeeping and attendance, and intelligent web and mobile clocks for accurately controlling and capturing employee time. The suite of integrated solutions empowers companies with intelligent attendance management, enhanced leave management, and an employee self-service portal. These capabilities help ensure that business owners are in compliance with state and federal regulatory mandates and enables SwipeClock’s partners to grow their own businesses by solving their clients’ most pressing labor challenges.


The integrated workforce management solution is now available to ThinkWare’s customers.

About ThinkWare, Inc.

Since 1994, ThinkWare has been a leader in providing integrated software systems designed for PEO and ASO companies throughout the country.  Our clients range in size from tens of thousands of employees to start-ups.  Partnered with Microsoft, ThinkWare is the only provider of a true ERP system designed for the PEO/ASO industry and offers all the necessary functionality to provide full-service software solutions. For more information on ThinkWare, please call ThinkWare at 1-800-Y-THINK-Y (800-984-4659), or visit our website at www.thinkwareinc.com, or email us at [email protected].

About SwipeClock

SwipeClock is a leader in simple and affordable workforce management services. Our more than 1,000 partners have empowered more than 30,000 businesses to reduce labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits. SwipeClock cloud products (WorkforceHUB, TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity) and hardware clocks (TimeWorksTouchTimeWorksTUFF and others) provide instant employee access to automated timekeeping, scheduling, leave management, HR dashboards, and other HR resources. With SwipeClock, employers transform labor from a cost of doing business to a competitive advantage.

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