Solutions To 7 Frustrating Employee Scheduling Problems

Oct 23, 2021

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Employee scheduling doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. WorkforceHub solves small business employee scheduling problems.

WorkforceHub is an all-in-one HR system, but in today’s post, we focus specifically on employee scheduling.

Let’s dive in.

Frustrating Problem #1 Scheduling people in two or more places at the same time.

Solution: If you make schedules for two locations, it’s twice as complicated. When an employee is scheduled in two places for the same shift, you have to scramble to find someone to take one of the shifts. Prevent this hassle. Use WorkforceHub to alert you when you to try to double-book.

Frustrating Problem #2 Scheduling team members to departments/job positions for which they are not qualified.

Solution: In WorkforceHub, you create work groups. Organize your employees by their qualifications. When making a schedule, the employee will only show up in the appropriate work group.

Frustrating Problem #3 Difficulty keeping track of when employees can and cannot work.

Solution: WorkforceHub has a preferences feature that allows staff members to indicate the times they cannot work, dislike working, or like working. WorkforceHub alerts you if you try to schedule a staff member when they can’t or don’t like to work. Make fewer schedule changes. Keep your employees happy and engaged.

Frustrating Problem #4 Accidentally scheduling an employee when they are on vacation.

Solution: When a vacation request is approved in WorkforceHub, the information is sent to scheduler. WorkforceHub displays the vacation period in your schedule. You won’t accidentally schedule an employee during their vacation.

Frustrating Problem #5 Difficulty keeping track of who has certifications, permits, and licenses to do certain jobs.

Solution: WorkforceHub alerts you when a certification, permit, or license is coming up for renewal, based on custom thresholds.

Frustrating Problem #6 It’s hard to see who is available to pick up a shift when an employee calls out.

Solution: If you need to find someone quickly to cover a shift, highlight the shift and click on the Who Can Work icon. WorkforceHub will show you all the workers who are available.

You can immediately send out mass texts and/or emails to notify all or select staff members the shift is available for pickup. Or you can select a team member from the list.

Frustrating Problem #7 Scheduling employees’ shifts too close together.

Solution: Set proximity schedule compliance rules. WorkforceHub will alert you if you try to schedule shifts too close together.

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