Premium Texting Now Available in WorkforceHub Plus!

Nov 1, 2022
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Attention Swipeclock reselling partners: we are excited to announce that Premium Texting is available in WorkforceHub Plus Applicant Tracking.

What is Premium Texting?

Premium Texting includes everything in Basic Texting (discussed below) plus Workflow Embed and Text-to-Apply.

Text Embed in Hiring Workflows

With Premium Texting, your clients can embed multiple text messages in hiring workflows and trigger them with stage changes. For example, when a user moves an applicant to the Phone Screen stage, the platform could automatically send a text with scheduling details.

Applicant Tracking users have been able to save tons of time by embedding auto-emails, and now they can do the same thing with texts. In addition, users can create text template libraries to make texting even easier.

It’s difficult for busy hiring managers and recruiters to personally engage with multiple candidates. Unfortunately, job seekers can easily lose interest if they don’t hear from the recruiter frequently about their status. Workflow text embed ensures your clients can keep top candidates engaged and informed with automated personalized texts. WorkforceHub Plus texting automation elevates the candidate journey while dramatically improving efficiency. With Premium Texting, your clients can send a personalized candidate text as often as they like. No more accidental candidate ghosting!


The second key feature in Premium Texting is text-to-apply. This enables candidates to link to a mobile friendly application from an SMS. Job searching is not easy – especially for applicants already employed. How often do your clients consider the application process from the candidate’s perspective? Providing a way for a job seeker to apply on their phone is a game changer across all industries. Many people don’t own a personal computer – which leaves mobile job searching the best option in the era of paperless recruiting.

What Does Basic Unlimited Texting Include?

As mentioned, Premium Texting has everything in Unlimited Texting. Unlimited Texting is our basic texting solution. Hiring managers and talent acquisition teams can quickly engage with top applicants via SMS to keep the conversation going – and bring on top talent before their competition. With Unlimited Texting your clients can send texts from within the WorkforceHub Plus for myriad reasons. And don’t forget that all texting in WorkforceHub Plus is bi-directional – candidates and recruiters can text back and forth. Engaging with candidates has never been easier. Another important thing to know is that the software saves text conversations for all members of the hiring team to access.

If your clients are not using texting in their hiring process, you can provide this valuable hiring tool right now. Let’s recap the benefits of WorkforceHub Plus recruitment texting:

  • Shave days of the hiring timeline
  • Reach candidates that may not otherwise engage
  • Provide a convenient and fast way to apply
  • Ensure the hiring team never accidentally ghosts an applicant
  • Strengthen employer brand with a modern and transparent applicant experience
  • Enable small teams to manage multiple open jobs and candidates
  • Provide a way for recruiters to text without using personal devices
  • Reduce compliance risks by creating authorized text templates for hiring team members
  • Schedule candidate texts in advance to save time and ensure continual engagement

For more information on Premium Texting in WorkforceHub Plus, contact your account manager today.


Liz Strikwerda

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