PBJ File Rejected? Let’s Fix It.

Aug 28, 2018
Regulatory Compliance

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Today’s post is for PBJ (Payroll Based Journal) managers at residential care facilities who have had a PBJ file rejected by the CMS. Whether you entered the data manually or used a PBJ reporting platform, you are probably anxious to identify and correct the problem to regain compliance, reduce your audit liability, and substantiate the high quality of care provided at your facility.

Manual PBJ Increases the Risk of File Rejection

Manual PBJ data entry is tedious and vulnerable to human error. Investing in an automated system will save you time and money and protect you from violations. WorkforceHub from Swipeclock takes the hassle out of PBJ compliance with a system that is quick, easy and affordable. The PBJ tools in WorkforceHub aren’t an afterthought; they were designed to meet the challenges of real-world SNF staffing configurations right from the start.

The Most Advanced PBJ Solution

If you used an automated system with PBJ functions but your file was still declined, perhaps the PBJ tools are substandard or too complicated to use. WorkforceHub PBJ tools are user-friendly and can be set up in minutes.

Regardless of why your file was rejected, WorkforceHub has the solution. Here is a list of the most prevalent reasons PBJ reports are not accepted.

Duplicate Employee ID Numbers: The ID is a unique identifier and cannot be assigned to another member of current or former staff. This ID cannot include any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as a Social Security number.

Incorrect Calculation of Time Worked: Employee time worked is calculated in fractions rounded to the nearest 10th.

Reporting Hours by Shift vs Date: Hours reported are assigned to a calendar day which ends at midnight. For example, if a staff member covers a shift that starts at 9:00 PM on 10/7/2017 and ends at 5:00 AM on 10/8/2017, 3 hours would be entered for 10/7/2017 and 5 hours for 10/8/2017.

Not Reporting Hours for Contract or Agency Staff: Hours for each staff member furnishing patient care (including agency and contract employees) must be reported.

Wrong File Type: The CMS only accepts XML files.

Job Code Errors: When an employee’s primary role changes during a shift, the report must include a job code for each individual primary duty.

Reporting Hours for Meals: Paid or unpaid meals should not be included in the hours reported.

Data Not Auditable or Verifiable: The report submitted cannot be a stand-alone record. It must be corroborated by other records such as time cards, payroll records, invoices, or employee contracts.

No More Compliance Headaches

By implementing WorkforceHub, you can eliminate each of these PBJ errors going forward. Call 888-223-3450 today to schedule a demo. We can help you get all of your information entered quickly and show you how easy it is to use WorkforceHub to handle your PBJ reporting timely and accurately.

Note: The requirement to submit hire and termination dates was originally mandatory but in 2017 the inclusion became optional.

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