Partner Guidance on Swipeclock Mobile Apps

Oct 26, 2022
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At Swipeclock, we know that mobile time and labor tools are essential for today’s small business clients. Hybrid work models are empowering mobile employees and nearly every American has a mobile device.

Mobile Solutions for Your Clients

We’ve been helping our reselling partners provide mobile time and labor to their clients for many years. In fact, Swipeclock tracks nearly 100,000 mobile punches each month.

Mobile time and labor apps allows employees to punch in/out in real time wherever they are working. Mobile apps provide a convenient, cost-effective and sanitary clocking method. Supervisors always know who is working and where, and can create geofences, receive missed punch alerts, and trigger overtime threshold warnings.

Swipeclock Mobile Apps

There are four Swipeclock mobile apps currently available and we want our reselling partners to understand them so they can best serve their clients. First, we’ll discuss the app that supports our WorkforceHub Time and Labor solution.

TimeWorksPlus mobile app TimeWorksPlus Employee

The TimeWorksPlus Employee app is available now in the App Store and on Google Play for both iOS and Android mobile devices. This app includes everything needed for timekeeping, scheduling, PTO, shift swap and drop, company engagement, check stubs and geofencing.

The TimeWorksPlus Employee app has both employee and manager features for WorkforceHub, our next-gen time and labor solution. It also provides robust access to our TimeWorksPlus services. This is the best app for both clients and administrators.

An Ideal Clocking Experience

Our intelligent punch clock in the TimeWorksPlus Employee mobile app provides easy, convenient access to timekeeping with contextual options based on the employee’s current state. “Employee aware” prompts prevent clocking errors that could create a payroll problem if not caught and corrected. Intelligent clock features save you and your clients time and frustration when preparing payroll.

Powerful Time and Labor Management

All data collected by mobile app users is delivered to the system in real time, so reports are always up-to-date. The timekeeping options include punch history and the option to fix a missing punch.


On the timecard screen, employees can see where they have missing punches, and message their manager with information to correct it. Employees can also see total hours worked for each period including weekly sub totals. With comprehensive timecard information available 24/7, employees and managers can approve and submit payroll data quickly and easily.

Swipeclock Legacy Mobile Apps

Now, let’s look at the three legacy apps currently being used in limited circumstances.


TimeWorks Mobile is for managers who want to use specific admin tools. It has crew punch, which allows a manager to clock in an entire crew at once. Aside from a few features that are important to a small group of clients, our TimeWorks Mobile app is a legacy product that doesn’t support our new WorkforceHub solutions.


The HUB app is also an app specific to our legacy HUB services. This app is being used by a select group of clients and isn’t recommended for new clients.


TimeSimplicity is for those who only want access to our standalone employee scheduling solution. This is the companion app to our legacy scheduling solution, and we support this for just a few clients who need access to scheduling and nothing else. Swipeclock reselling partners should not recommend this to clients if they are providing timekeeping, applicant tracking or HR. This app will not work with our new WorkforceHub packages.

If you need more information about Swipeclock mobile apps, contact your account manager.

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