Need to Convince Your Boss to Invest in a WFM System?

Dec 26, 2018

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Are you trying to persuade your boss to implement an advanced Workforce Management system such as WorkforceHub? Today’s post is for HR managers who want to upgrade from manual processes to an automated system but don’t have the authority to make the decision. Many business owners who have not implemented a Workforce Management system mistakenly think they can’t afford it or don’t believe they need it.

Let’s look at 6 persuasive arguments for automated Workforce Managment.

1. Team Scheduling Ease

Effective employee scheduling is at the heart of Human Capital Optimization. Scheduling influences productivity, cost of labor, workforce morale and turnover, resource allocation, admin efficiency, and DOL compliance.

TimeSimplicity, the employee scheduling tool in WorkforceHub, does more than just allow supervisors to create schedules in minutes; it allows them to empower their workforce to engage with scheduling and eagerly take over many tasks previously performed by supervisors. TimeSimplicity helps eliminate over-staffing, cuts down on overtime with system notifications, rapidly identifies gaps in coverage before it’s too late, and slings email and SMS alerts.

“Scheduling … is having a huge effect on the bottom line. Increasing scheduling effectiveness offers a competitive edge that can make HR a budget hero.”1 Workforce management consultant Lisa Disselkamp

2. Eliminate Employee Time Theft

Paper time card systems can be exploited in a number of ways from hours padding to buddy punching. Many business owners who switch to an automated system are surprised by the reduction in employee hours the very first pay period. Even if you notice just a small reduction, this advantage will compound, swiftly paying for the cost of adopting an automated system like TimeWorksPlus, the employee time and attendance tool in WorkforceHub.

3. Analyze and Improve Resource Allocation

The job codes in TimeWorksPlus empower business owners to automatically track how much time each department or employee spends per account, project, product, or any other operational classification.

4. Minimize Administrative Costs

With paper timesheets, managers and admin staff spend tedious hours troubleshooting timesheet inaccuracies and missing information, and then manually entering the data into the payroll platform. When HR staff can submit payroll in minutes, they are free to work on projects with a greater ROI.

5. Improve Employee Morale

TimeSimplicity makes it easier to accommodate employee’s scheduling preferences. Improving associates’ work/life balance increases loyalty, reduces burnout, spurs engagement, and saves on labor costs by resulting in lower turnover.

6. Compliance Peace of Mind

Labor audit liability should concern every employer in the country. Take, for example, the Affordable Care Act. ACA standards can be complex to comply with because you have to know all of your staff members’ schedules and how many hours they’re going to work each week. With TimeWorksPlus, this type of information is tracked automatically and gives supervisors complete control and 24/7 oversight. They can monitor, track, and make necessary changes instantly.

A Win-Win: Improve Compliance Without Adding More Work

WorkforceHub paired with one of our biometric time clocks can significantly lessen your risk of being fined for noncompliance while simultaneously decreasing the time needed to track employee time and attendance.

WorkforceHub quickly pays for itself and the ROI compounds each pay cycle. Of course, if you have been trying to talk your boss into acquiring one, you already knew that. Call 888-223-3450 today to set up a demo of WorkforceHub (for both of you).

1Joan Williams “Dilemmas Faced by Hourly Workers,” Human Resource Executive Online, July 11, 2011,

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