Job Interview Self-Scheduling With ApplicantStack

Dec 18, 2019
Applicant Tracking Systems

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Recruiters know that many hiring workflows seem to take FOREVER when you do them manually.  Good applicant tracking software streamlines your recruiting operations.

What Does Hiring Automation Mean For You?

You’ll have less paperwork. And a lot less frustration.

You’ll fill jobs faster. Your processes will be more organized. You can handle several job openings at the same time.

Your job applicants will have a preferable experience. In fact, you will have a better experience every day at work.

Do you want to post a job to five or six job boards without signing into each account? No problem. In ApplicantStack, a couple mouse clicks takes care of it.

ApplicantStack lets you build questionnaires that filter job applicants automatically. The system filters them before you look at a paper application. Actually, you don’t have any paper applications. You create electronic applications and store them in the software.

Job candidates complete the applications online when they apply. Save the template in the system for next time.

Let’s talk about one of our client’s favorite features. ApplicantStack streamlines a process that can be confusing and time-consuming. We’re talking about interview scheduling.

The Challenges of Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling is a common recruiting bottleneck. There are many people involved. You have to consider the applicant’s availability. Each member of the interviewing team has a tight schedule.

Schedule wrangling is a hassle.

How do you get all of your managers and applicants scheduled for interviews without all the back-and-forth?

We have your answer.

Job Interview Self-Scheduling With ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365. 

This is how it works.

Using either Google Calendar or Office 365, each member of your interview team chooses available time slots. When you move the candidate to the interview phase, the software sends an email with a calendar link. Then—this is awesome—the job applicant picks their interview time from the available slots.

Imagine how this accelerates the process!

Plus, it demonstrates that your company is efficient and innovative. (Your company is efficient and innovative, right?)

ApplicantStack Makes Sense For Your Organization

Even organizations on a tight budget can afford ApplicantStack. It doesn’t require an upfront investment and is economical. Contact us today for more information.


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