Is It Time To Update Your Employee Handbook?

Feb 6, 2019

Is It Time To Update Your Employee Handbook?

Your company employee handbook is critical for operations in your company. We have one here at Swipeclock. Our employee handbook is the go to for understanding policy, communications, expectations and consequences. It is a document that every company should have for corporate communication of policy and procedure.


It’s a critical document that employees look to for clarification.


A major problem with employee handbooks is that they are difficult to keep up to date. Editing and printing costs are often prohibitive. Staff don’t always have time to work through the details. Employees have a hard time keeping amendments and addendums organized together.


An outdated employee handbook doesn’t do anyone any good. When content is outdated, it taints the entire document and it’s use as a functional tool for your business erodes.


Our WorkforceHub document management tools can help you create, distribute, and update your employee handbook. WorkforceHub makes it easy to manage employee handbook data. Updates are a snap, and are available to employees in a secure online login. Your employees have access to a current version of your employee handbook at all times. Even when they are mobile.


With our WorkforceHub document management system, your employee handbook is always up to date. Managers can add the latest dispute resolution policies, legal updates, and HR procedures with ease.


You don’t ever have to be out of date. Updates are easy and immediate. Employees always have access to the latest version.


Employees can even acquire update notifications so that everyone is on the same page. More engagement, and current information mean your employees are better prepared to be productive.


Give us a call at Swipeclock if it’s time for you to update your employee handbook. If you don’t have one yet, the time is now to jump to WorkforceHub and start off on the right foot.


If you already have an employee handbook, it’s effortless to upgrade to our WorkforceHub document management. commence your new updates right with a new system designed to make it easier for you to keep your employees informed and engaged.

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