Introducing Payroll Review for WorkforceHub Advanced

Nov 3, 2022
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Our new Payroll Review tool makes payroll prep quick and easy. The tool guides you through payroll data prep step by step. Let’s discuss how it works.

How To Use Payroll Review in WorkforceHub Advanced

payroll review tool

1.Click Payroll Review on the left navigation in the main WorkforceHub Advanced dashboard. It will pull up a list of Pay Periods.

2. Choose the correct Pay Period and click Proceed on the lower right. It will start a review process. You can see the steps on the top navigation in the Payroll Review window.

payroll review time off requests

3. Pending TOR (Time Off Requests): Approve (or deny) pending time off requests

4. Missing Punches: Correct each missing punch and click Next on the lower right

payroll review time card review

5. Time Card Review: It will bring up a list of employees and hours worked. Hours classifications including Regular, Overtime, and Time Off.

6. Once you review and approve the Time Cards, you can Finalize Pay Period and click Save to complete the process.

payroll review export data

7. Next, Export Time Card Data into the payroll system. Choose Summary Totals or All Punch Details depending on your needs. Click Export on the bottom right hand corner of the window.

That’s it! You’ve just reviewed, approved and exported time card data to the payroll system.

Client Admin

WorkforceHub also has powerful tools for your clients. In the Admin tab on the top navigation, they can manage overtime policies, meals/breaks policies, pay periods, and time card rules. Empowering clients to manage time and labor policies will significantly reduce support requests.

payroll review client admin

To learn more about how WorkforceHub Advanced can streamline payroll prep and help you delight your clients, contact your Account Manager today.

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