How to Put Employees in the Driver’s Seat

Sep 12, 2023
Employee Self Service, Time and Attendance

Most people don’t call their bank when they need to check their account balance; they simply access their account from their mobile device. Similarly, they buy tickets to a sporting event and book flights without ever talking with an actual person. Indeed, self-service access lets people manage their lives at their convenience, on their own terms.

Take the hassle out of, well, everything

Your clients need an HR platform that provides the convenience of self-service workforce management. With such a solution in place, they don’t have to call you when they want to check accruals or run payroll. You can focus on other things, including finding and bringing on new clients, empowering your existing ones to handle their own tasks.

Empowered Employees are Happy Employees

If you have not yet adopted employee self-service HR for your clients, it’s a great time to do it. With this in mind, we are happy to introduce you to WorkforceHub, which offers the ease and convenience of self-service timecard and schedule management. This cloud-based system is designed specifically for small businesses. In addition, it is value-priced and can be set up quickly.

Employers have discovered that Employee Self-Service (ESS) can raise morale, decrease turnover, and reduce time spent collecting and managing data.

WorkforceHub allows your clients to:

  1. Allow employees to manage their own timecards, minimizing the time needed to review and confirm with a manager
  2. Punch in/out from a mobile device for more accurate timekeeping on remote jobs
  3. View timecards, pay stubs, and PTO and sick leave accruals
  4. Request schedule changes, pick up additional shifts, and view approvals without having to talk with a supervisor

Supervisors can use the system to:

  1. Create and modify schedules quickly and effortlessly with schedule templates
  2. Authorize shift change requests with automatic employee updates
  3. Automatically track PTO for more accurate and timely reporting
  4. Monitor employee certifications so they can remind employees when they need to re-certify
  5. Customize overtime warnings so you can meet your scheduling, workflow, cost of labor, and compliance objectives

Improved Loyalty Minimizes Turnover

Why spend more time and money managing your clients’ needs than necessary? Your clients are smart and capable—it makes perfect sense to let them manage workforce management tasks on their own without needing your assistance. Everyone on the platform will appreciate the convenience, improved efficiency, and accessibility of Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Get Started Today

Swipeclock partners can offer WorkforceHub, the powerful, fully-integrated solution, to their clients. Existing clients can also convert to this modern system through a simple process, available through our new Conversion Tool.

WorkforceHub includes all the features your clients need to manage time and labor, HR, hiring, and more. Our solution is created for busy employers who need to streamline scheduling, automate time and attendance tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and decrease labor costs. In addition, WorkforceHub handles benefits enrollment, performance reviews and has advanced analytics and reporting.

Contact your account manager to learn more about the Conversion Tool and how to get your clients onto this powerful platform that puts their employees in the driver’s seat.

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