How ApplicantStack Can Improve Quality-of-Hire

Dec 26, 2019
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Having trouble finding quality talent?

Accommodate Non-traditional Employees

Seek non-traditional employees and offer non-traditional working arrangements. These include flexible schedules, remote working, freelance and contract positions, and non-linear career paths.

You’ll expand your pool of potential applicants. This reliably improves the quality of hire.

In addition, you will increase diversity. Companies that increase diversity boost revenue. It’s a good bet that you’ll minimize turnover as well.

Unemployment is at a 17-year low. Employers that don’t adapt their recruiting practices will fall behind.

8 Tips For Attracting Non-traditional Employees With ApplicantStack

1. Create a Talent Pipeline

If you start from scratch every time you need to hire, you are at a disadvantage. Companies who have established relationships with a pool of candidates have a head start.

ApplicantStack helps you create a talent pipeline. Every time you post a job, the applications flow into ApplicantStack—regardless of where the applicant found your posting. ApplicantStack saves the applicant profiles. This database is your talent pipeline. They have already shown interest in your company.

Engage with your passive candidates regularly. This increases the odds that they will apply for future positions

Utilize the candidate profiles in ApplicantStack. This is where you record all pertinent information about the person. Include work preferences such as a desire for a flexible schedule, contract employment, or telecommuting. Document all work experience, even if the experience isn’t directly related to the job applied for.

2. Adapt Job Requirements

Traditional job requirements filter out job candidates who could succeed if given the chance. For example, applicants with resume gaps. Those who need a flexible schedule. Plus candidates who want to work offsite.

ApplicantStack helps you screen non-traditional applicants. Modify job descriptions to attract a wider pool. Adapt qualifications if possible.

3. Forget Cultural Fit

Consider cutting out ‘cultural fit’ as one of your hiring criteria. Non-traditional employees might not fit the conventional mold.

4. Non-Traditional Job Descriptions

Craft your descriptions to attract non-traditional job seekers or they won’t apply. You can have separate descriptions customized for niche job boards. This will help you bring a diverse pool into the hiring funnel.

5. Improve Candidate Filtering

ApplicantStack lets you create questionnaires to attract a diverse talent pool. Revisit your knockout questions to allow more applicants to pass the first filter.

6. Update Your Employer Brand

Non-traditional applicants need to understand that you are welcoming to all types of team members. Advertise work/life balance perks in your recruitment marketing. ATSs manage recruitment communications and help you convey inclusivity.

7. Adapt Onboarding

Adapt your onboarding practices to help all new hires succeed. Regardless of employee type, work schedule, or work environment. Teach remote workers and contractors how to collaborate virtually. Teach conventional workers to collaborate with non-standard employees.

8. Provide an Advanced Candidate Experience

Trying to attract tech-savvy freelancers or contractors? If you don’t use modern hiring software, these job candidates will never apply in the first place.

Make your websites mobile-friendly. Communicate with texts if the candidate prefers. Use video interviewing for job candidates outside of your geographic area.

If you are already using Swipeclock TimeWorksPlus, consider adding ApplicantStack to improve your recruiting operations.


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