CyberPay and Swipeclock Announce New Time and Labor Integration with WorkforceHub

Apr 20, 2023

Swipeclock is pleased to announce a new integration between CyberPay and WorkforceHub that delivers modern time and labor management and improved payroll efficiency. This integration allows for automatic synchronization of employee information between timekeeping, employee scheduling, and payroll to eliminate errors and make work easier for employees and payroll managers.

All About the WorkforceHub and CyberPay Integration

The new integration between WorkforceHub and CyberPay creates a single seamless solution that makes managing workforce time and labor easy and running payroll more efficient:

  • Streamline processes: Integration automatically synchronizes company and employee information between timekeeping, employee scheduling and payroll, so they function as one easy-to-use system.
  • Save time: Enter each employee’s data only once. Employees are then set up for time and payroll tasks with this single step.
  • Reduce errors: Integration automatically shares time data between systems, eliminating the errors typically introduced during manual payroll processing.
  • Decrease dependency: Employees have access to web clocks, time cards, time-off requests, schedules, pay stubs, and year-end tax info. They can also manage their own W-4, address and direct deposit information.
  • Optimize processing performance: Effortlessly collect and calculate employee punch data, approve time cards online and run payroll without manual interaction.

How the Integration Benefits Partners and Your Clients

Swipeclock Partners can also maximize the integration to help their clients save time, minimize errors, and provide a higher level of service with less required effort. This can help maintain client loyalty while allowing partners to scale their business without adding resources. The integration works in the background, transferring and managing data quickly and efficiently.

As a Swipeclock partner, you can deliver this powerful solution to your clients and become the hero. The tools built into the WorkforceHub platform aid in eliminating buddy punching, avoiding unplanned overtime, and reducing time theft. Compliance also becomes easier, including data tracking for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and individual state requirements.

The employee scheduling tools within WorkforceHub are extremely effective and easy to use. Your clients can improve the way they manage schedules and shifts, reducing overtime while keeping the business properly staffed at all times.

Explore the Integration and Partnership Opportunities

If you’re a Swipeclock Partner, reach out to your account manager to get started with the CyberPay integration. If you’re not a partner yet, find out more about how this partnership can benefit you and your clients. We offer flexible partner programs to aid in business growth and success for service bureaus that specialize in payroll.

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