Construction Crew Scheduling Made Easy

Mar 8, 2022

employee scheduling software for construction South Jordan Today’s article is for Swipeclock Partners with construction clients.

TimeSimplicity employee scheduling makes it easy to schedule construction crews.

Construction owners don’t have room for error when it comes to labor force planning. Indeed, tight margins require strategic scheduling. Automated scheduling systems like TimeSimplicity optimize shift planning and prevent labor cost overruns.

TimeSimplicity is ideal for construction shift planning, especially for firms with multiple projects and locations.

TimeSimplicity for Construction Scheduling

Successful contractors know that scheduling is a critical part of project management. Your scheduling tech is as important as your equipment in the field. It needs to be powerful and customizable, yet easy to use. TimeSimplicity fits the bill. With TimeSimplicity, you can:

  • Easily create multiple schedules and copy forward
  • Use job codes to ensure your crew has the needed qualifications for each project or shift
  • Improve job billing with workforce analytics
  • Forecast staffing needs
  • Allow your managers and employees to see schedules 24/7
  • Provide your teams with self-service shift trading
  • More easily comply with scheduling laws

Overtime Management

In addition, TimeSimplicity lets you manage overtime when creating schedules. Set auto-alerts and a text will warn you of an approaching threshold.

Prevent Shift Coverage Gaps

Furthermore, job codes ensure each shift has the right workers. View schedules by crew, project, or location. That way, you can be sure every project stays on track.

Employee Profiles

It’s also important to manage licenses, certifications and employee types. TimeSimplicity has tools for this as well. For example, you can classify new hires as employees, subcontractors, seasonal, or union. In the same fashion, set requirements per job site, shift, or project phase. When creating schedules, TimeSimplicity will present eligible workers for shift slots. Plus, license renewal alerts help you ensure certifications are renewed when necessary.

New Businesses

Did you know that less than half of construction companies survive five years? Certainly, don’t underestimate the importance of strategic employee scheduling to increase your odds of success.

“Scheduling is one of the most difficult and least understood aspects of a project. As well as helping to plan ahead and model outcomes, it can track progress and provide realistic expectations.” KPMG Global Construction Survey

Construction start-ups can improve their odds with advanced scheduling software.

It’s not just new businesses that need a good scheduling solution…

Contractors Expanding Their Business

Is your firm growing? Moving from one-job-at-a-time to simultaneous projects is a critical transition. Each project adds complexity. Handling this is crucial for long-term viability.

With TimeSimplicity, you take control of crew scheduling. It scales easily, helping you navigate the move from a small- to medium-sized firm. It will also help you position yourself for further growth and diversification.

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