Cloud-Based HR Software: A Must for Small Businesses

Jun 28, 2023

Why do small businesses need cloud-based HR software? It’s simple. To be competitive, you need to optimize time and labor. A cloud-based system works best for small business because it is flexible, responsive and affordable. For example, it allows small companies to pay as they go. And with a per-employee pricing model, your clients won’t pay more than is necessary.

Welcome to WorkforceHub Cloud-Based HR Software

With this in mind, welcome to WorkforceHub cloud-based HR software. It’s a user-friendly solution that manages time and labor, HR needs, and hiring and recruiting, available at a price that fits into nearly any business budget. You can offer this system to your clients through a partnership with Swipeclock, helping to exceed their expectations while making your life a little easier.

WorkforceHub solves multiple pain points small businesses experience on a daily basis.

WorkforceHub is a robust time and labor system value priced for small organizations. It streamlines workflows, helps your clients stay compliant, and, of course, saves money. In addition, it is fully integrated with many payroll systems.

Small Businesses Have Unique Needs

It’s important to remember that a small business isn’t a small counterpart of an enterprise company. Indeed, it is vastly different. For example, employees often take on the tasks of  multiple roles. And margins are generally a lot smaller. For most small companies, keeping a consistent cash flow is an ever-present challenge.

Therefore, because small businesses have unique challenges, they need HR software intentionally designed for their needs. Not simply a scaled-down version of enterprise workforce management tech.

Small Business HR Tech Must-Haves

Let’s discuss the essential features of small business cloud-based HR software.

Affordability and Rapid ROI

Small businesses don’t have the deep pockets of large companies. Therefore, they need an immediate ROI. Subscription-based HR software like WorkforceHub fits the bill.

With thin margins, new HR software should improve things in 30 days. With WorkforceHub, your clients will see improvements with the first payroll run. Getting your clients on the same platform also benefits you, as you’ll be able to spend less time on troubleshooting and learning different solutions.

Ease of Use and Hassle-Free Roll Out

We all expect software to be easy to use. That said, HR tech has a reputation for unnecessary complexity. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume a product is going to work as well as the tools you are already using.

Why is this especially important? First off, HR teams in small companies are often responsible for training employees on new software and aren’t generally as tech-savvy as the professional trainers in large companies. For many companies, it’s the owner or a top-level manager’s responsibility.

In addition, small businesses generally don’t have implementation teams and are more likely to have downsized IT teams. Certainly, small business IT is overwhelmed supporting the tech and data security needs of remote workforces. Moreover, they don’t have time to train employees on complicated software.

High User Adoption

This requirement is related to the previous. If a product is too complicated, or too far out of the regular routine, nobody will use it.

It’s also vital to consider platforms that integrate with what your clients already use. For example, a solution that integrates with your payroll software ensures that time and labor data flows for accurate paychecks.

In Summary

WorkforceHub helps your clients manage time and labor with ultimate efficiency. For example, it takes the hassle and tedium out of employee scheduling. Centralized timekeeping, anywhere/anytime access, and digital timesheets transform employee management.

“WorkforceHub is built for scaling small businesses,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of Swipeclock. “It’s flexible, automated workflows keep our customers on track without distracting from the real purpose of their business. We give 30,000+ businesses more of what they need and less of what they don’t.”

Designed by a team of labor optimization specialists, WorkforceHub offers a modern, crisp UI. Swipeclock built its HR solution to help frontline supervisors and leaders get mission critical tasks done efficiently and quickly. After all, a rapid time to value is a must-have for small businesses.

This is a general overview of what WorkforceHub can give to the clients you serve. Check out our new Conversion Tool to see just how easy it is to move your existing clients to this modern, user-friendly platform.

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