Case Study: George T. Feles, CPA and the Swipeclock Vision Time Clock

Jan 12, 2022
Case Study, Time and Attendance

Case Study: George T. Feles, CPA

In our latest case study, we recognize superstars George T. Feles, CPA and the Vision facial recognition time clock. The dynamic duo is shaking things up on the Los Angeles restaurant scene. Though the Vision clock was introduced less than a year ago, the Feles team has already upgraded a significant portion of their Swipeclock Time and Attendance clients–and they have a goal of getting a Vision clock into each clients’ place of business!

You can read the entire case study in our Partner Empowerment Portal (PEP). To summarize, Feles’ clients are delighted that the Vision clock:

  • Makes shift clocking quick and orderly for restaurant teams
  • Solves the problem of fingerprint clocks failing to register worn fingerprints
  • Helps prevent unplanned overtime
  • Eliminates buddy bunching and other forms of employee time theft
  • Is quick and easy to install and get employees’ faces registered
  • Integrates with Swipeclock Timekeeping and Accounting CS Payroll for a unified solution


Tommy Feles

Our clients love the Vision clock. We chose Swipeclock because the timekeeping software is easy to use and the clock hardware is proficient. And we love the integration with ACS, too, which makes payroll processing smooth and efficient. We save a lot of time and money. There are too many great things to say about Swipeclock!  –Tommy Feles

Do You Provide Business Services to Restaurant Employers?

Feles’ clientele represents a key small business market: single unit restaurants with fewer than 50 employees. Did you know 70% of U.S. food service businesses fall into this category?

Certainly, it’s never been easy to run a small restaurant, but the pandemic and current employment landscape is making it especially challenging. High turnover, labor shortages and fluctuating COVID restrictions increase operating costs and make budget planning difficult. Therefore, to prosper, restaurants must carefully balance multiple priorities:

  1. Provide a great dining experience for guests
  2. Keep employees happy and loyal
  3. Maximize their labor spend

Fortunately, payroll providers like Feles can solve their clients’ most pressing workforce pain points with Swipeclock facial recognition time clocks and timekeeping software. Swipeclock solutions were built from the ground up for the mission critical time and labor needs of small employers in food service, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and hospitality.

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