Base Camp Live Kicked Off in Vegas!

Mar 7, 2023

Base Camp Live started with a bang in Las Vegas – the perfect place for innovation and a party rolled into one. The day prior to the Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA) Spring Summit, Swipeclock hosted our first Base Camp Live partner meeting. The session updated our partner network on compliance issues, our product roadmap, marketing ideas, success stories and perhaps the most popular of the day, our Idea Exchange. The Idea Exchange is an opportunity for our partners to share and crowd source ideas with our Product Marketing team, technology and product management leaders.

“The incredibly cool and innovative ideas shared during the Idea Exchange were fantastic,” stated Vice President of Marketing Trish Stromberg. “It was a perfect situation with our partners and product leaders sharing their vision and thoughts on trends, requirements and overall customer experience within the Work Tech marketplace. I look forward to future Base Camp Live events where we will continue to build on our Idea Exchange and share groundbreaking strategies for the WorkforceHub solution.”

If you missed our Base Camp Live in Las Vegas, you can catch us in Orlando or Austin. Check out the full schedule for our 2023 Base Camp Live sessions as we continue our trek towards our annual Summit Partner conference in October.

Base Camp Live events are regional partner meetings focused on education, updates and innovation. There is no cost to attend. All events are open to all Swipeclock partners and those considering adding time and labor solutions to their go-to-market strategy.

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