7 Ways Employee Self-Service Benefits Your Business

Nov 8, 2022
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One important component of WorkforceHub is the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal. Today’s post looks at the specific benefits of employee self-service workforce management.

1. Empowers Employees

With WorkforceHub, employees can view their schedule, timecards, and accruals without having to go through a supervisor or HR. Because of this, instead of waiting for their manager to circulate shift-change requests on their behalf, staff members simply place requests on the Virtual Trade Board. Likewise, managers can conveniently view and approve shift changes online. In addition, managers choose which employees are allowed to manage their own timecards.

2. Prevents Understaffing

In number one, we talked about empowerment. This has multiple benefits. For example, when interested employees can request open shifts, it helps ensure coverage. In addition, each shift change triggers an alert to all parties involved.

3. Eliminates Confusion

WorkforceHub handles HR processes in a fully-integrated tech stack. Manage timecards, schedules, accruals, and shift changes in the same place. It ensures that everyone is on the same page and can access the information any time. Alerts keep everyone updated in real time.

4. Eases Burden on Managers

As mentioned previously, when supervisors transfer tedious tasks to employees, they avoid the back-and-forth. Certainly, employees prefer to check their own accruals and total hours worked–they are happy to take you out of the loop.

5. Leverages the Power of Mobility

Since we all run our lives with our cell phone, employees expect advanced mobile tech. The WorkforceHub mobile app gives employees and supervisors convenient 24/7 anywhere access.

6. Reduces Admin Time

Because WorkforceHub takes over a host of tedious tasks, HR can work on other things. For example, DE&I, employee wellness or career development. Indeed, with employee self-service, growing companies don’t need to hire as many HR people.

7. Accommodates Employees’ Shift Preferences

TimeSimplicity and the Virtual Trade Board make it easy to create schedules that are best for your employees. When a shift comes open unexpectedly, employees who want to pick up extra hours request it. No need for a manager to try to guess which employee wants the extra shift or beg an unwilling employee. Happy employees are more engaged, loyal, and productive.

If you are still using manual systems, imagine how WorkforceHub’s employee self-service could improve your processes and labor force morale. Call 888.223.3450 today for a demo.

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