5 Reasons Non-Profits Need WorkforceHub for Labor Management

Sep 3, 2022

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Because non-profits need to maximize their budgets, HR software is super important. After all, wages and benefits are usually the largest line item. If you can optimize labor, therefore, you can reduce costs.

WorkforceHub is an affordable HR solution designed for the unique needs of 501(c)(3) organizations. If you have clients that manage churches, charitable organizations, labor groups, or credit unions, talk to them about WorkforceHub.

WorkforceHub streamlines mission critical tasks:

How can your non-profit benefit from WorkforceHub?

1. Lower Labor Expenses

Firstly, track employee time to the minute to prevent timecard mistakes and time theft. Secondly, set alerts to prevent overtime. Thirdly, reduce admin costs by eliminating manual entry. Because WorkforceHub tracks punches automatically, it maintains up-to-date online timecards. At the end of the pay period, you can import hours data into your payroll system. Easy!

2. Smoother Scheduling

Of course, timekeeping and scheduling work together. With WorkforceHub, you can use built-in templates and customize as needed. Importantly, the system provides a centralized place to communicate about shifts. Because of this, employees can see the schedule on a mobile device as soon as it is published. If they need to swap a shift, they can post it to the online trade board. This allows employees who want more hours to take the shift. (Upon manager approval if necessary.)

3. Smart Compliance Tools

Let’s talk about HR compliance. Indeed, it’s usually top of mind for non-profits. With WorkforceHub, you can easily track employee types, overtime, and job codes. It keeps accurate, complete records that protect you in the case of a dispute or audit.

4. Increased Employee Satisfaction

As mentioned, the virtual trade board allows employees and volunteers to request schedule changes and pick up shifts. Not surprisingly, when employees can handle their own schedule changes and timecards, they generally have a better attitude toward their employer.

5. Improved Human Resource Management

With WorkforceHub, you have all of your workforce data easily accessible. This allows you to analyze the information and create strategies for improved productivity. To help you with this, WorkforceHub has advanced metrics and reporting not found in other non-profit HR solutions.

WorkforceHub is the Affordable Solution

WorkforceHub from Swipeclock can streamline employee timekeeping and scheduling for your non-profit clients. And WorkforceHub is affordable for even the smallest budgets. Call 888.223.3450 for more information about our HR solutions for non-profits.

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Swipeclock offers WorkforceHub, the HR tech suite that helps non-profits keep costs down and productivity up.

WorkforceHub streamlines scheduling, automates time and attendance, simplifies compliance, and decreases labor costs. To learn more about how WorkforceHub can help your non-profit, request a demo.

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