4 Tips For Managing Office Politics With WorkforceHub

Apr 14, 2020

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If you work in Human Resources, you should be concerned about office politics. If they are not managed carefully, they can destroy your company culture. This, in turn, can threaten the very survival of your organization.

How Do Office Politics Hurt Your Business?

Destructive office politics takes a toll throughout your organization.

  • Frustrated associates
  • Increased absenteeism and turnover
  • Lower productivity
  • Negative online employee reviews
  • Loss of employer reputation

Limiting Office Politics With WorkforceHub

1. Survey Employees

Information gathering is your first step. You can do this with WorkforceHub, the unified HR portal from Swipeclock.

WorkforceHub provides a way for all staff to give feedback directly or anonymously. This will yield valuable information.

2. Create Targeted Policies

When you have feedback, you can create company policies and practices to decrease the unethical behavior. 

Perhaps staff members say managers show favoritism. Maybe lax oversight allows employees to take credit for other people’s work.

You should already have policies on how promotions are given. And a formal reporting structure.

You will probably need to update your employee handbook. That’s easy in WorkforceHub. You can update as often as you want. No re-printing required. Since WorkforceHub is cloud-based, employees can access it from any mobile device.

Electronic signature lets your associates acknowledge agreement right in the system.

3. Hold Supervisors Accountable For Enforcing Policies

If your managers aren’t on board, trying to limit office politics is an exercise in futility. 

Your managers are your first line of defense. If they are showing favoritism, let them know that you won’t tolerate it. Make sure performance reviews reflect whether the manager is fair and ethical.

One of the most prevalent complaints from workers is that they are not recognized for their work. Or worse, another team member takes credit. Better manager oversight can solve this problem.

Require your managers to create a recognition program. If each team member’s work is recognized consistently, it will go a long way to foster mutual appreciation. And each staff member will receive credit where credit is due.

If managers don’t enforce the rules, use a progressive discipline policy. The final penalty is termination (Make sure you document it for compliance.) Weed out managers that undermine your efforts.

4. Increase Workforce Unity

Share detailed productivity information that staff members can see every day when they log into WorkforceHub. Help each worker know how their work contributes to the overall business goals. When staff members understand the bigger picture, it builds staff unity.

Improve Your Company Culture With WorkforceHub

WorkforceHub has tools that help you limit office politics and improve engagement. This includes employee surveys, employee handbook management, daily productivity announcements, an anonymous suggestion box, and a recognition wall.

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