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Rippling helps businesses manage every employee system — their Payroll, Benefits, Computers, Apps and more — all in one, modern platform.

How does Swipeclock integrate with Rippling?

Rippling has created an integration with Swipeclock’s TimeWorksPlus that allows employees onboarded through Rippling to automatically be added to TimeWorksPlus.  Time card data from TimeWorksPlus is exported to Rippling for processing of payroll.  Any updates or changes to employees in Rippling are reflected in TimeWorksPlus.

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What data syncs between Rippling and Swipeclock?

Employee data syncs from Rippling to TimeWorksPlus; time card data syncs from TimeWorksPlus to Rippling.


How do I enable and use the Rippling integration?

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Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

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