HUB Exchange

Applications and services for workforce management from reputable third-party vendor partners.


Employee access to earned wages before payday. Everything handled including funding. Employees with access to their wages on-demand are less vulnerable to late bill payments and overdraft fees. Swipeclock partners can enable employer and employee access through WorkforceHub with automated deductions through payroll.


Single sign-on, low-cost 401(k) record keeping and administration, transparent fees and easy-to-use technology for employees. Employees have easy access to retirement savings information and can edit deductions through WorkforceHub.

Simplified ACA and EEOC Compliance Solutions

Cloud-based ACA and EEOC solutions designed to aggregate employer tracking, plan and coverage information, populate the IRS ACA, and EEOc reports, and prepare for e-filing to the IRS. Swipeclock partners can promote SyncStream services to employers and provide direct access through WorkforceHub.

Efficient Hire

Efficient Hire is the industry leader for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening and processing since 2014. Using the WorkforceHub integration with Efficient Hire streamlines the new hire WOTC screening during the onboarding process, never leaving the solution. Efficient Hire maximizes employer federal tax credit savings by simplifying the WOTC screening questions for new hires, tracking all payroll hours and wages, and providing comprehensive credit gain reports so businesses know exactly what savings will hit the bottom line.


myHRcounsel™ is an affordable, online platform that provides consultation, assistance and legally backed answers to common human resources questions and issues. From queries about forms, checklists, templates and contracts to quick employment, the trustworthy lawyers at myHRcounsel are available 24/7, at a monthly flat fee. Swipeclock partners can promote myHRcounsel services to employers through WorkforceHub.

HUB Rewards

Exclusive employee perk program full of discounts off hundreds of products and services. Resorts, theme parks, movies, shows, ski passes, hotels and car rentals.