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It’s time to migrate your clients to TimeWorksPlus!


Enhance efficiency, improve retention & increase revenue

TimeWorks has been your timekeeping workhorse for years.

But now it’s time to upgrade your clients to TimeWorksPlus and get them up to speed and ready for the future!

Let’s upgrade your clients now!

  • No migration fees
  • No additional costs
  • Fast and easy

Not convinced? There's more...

Here are five important reasons upgrading now makes sense for you & your clients:

Get all your clients on the same page

Nothing is more frustrating that when your clients are using multiple systems to get the same thing done.

Streamline your support and get all your clients ready for the future.

Migrate your clients today.

Give your clients mobile access

TimeWorksPlus gives your clients full access from their mobile device.

Mobile timekeeping is more popular than ever, and your clients may not know you can provide them with mobile right now.

Get your clients up to speed with mobile access that enables geofencing.

Empower your clients with self-service

TimeWorksPlus allows your clients to self-serve many of the tasks they are currently calling you to provide.

Reduce your workload and free up some extra time around your office.

Upgrade your clients today!

Provide intelligent hardware compatibility

TimeWorksPlus is compatible with our all-new intelligent clocks.

This means intelligent options for your clients and more revenue for you.

Get started today!

Get ready for the future

We’ve already stopped developing for the TimeWorks platform. In 2023 Swipeclock will stop supporting TimeWorks, too.

We’ll also introduce new migration tools that make it as easy to migrate clients from TimeWorksPlus to WorkforceHub.

That means more revenue opportunities, greater retention rates, and efficiency that is out of this world.

It makes good financial sense to move your clients now.

Get your clients up to speed today

Let us make it easy on you. In just three easy steps, get your clients up and running on TimeWorksPlus.

  • Click “Start Now”
  • Complete the Professional Services form for each of your TimeWorks Clients
  • Let them know they have new features!