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Download the TPG Presentation Kit

This includes all files that were presented and discussed in a .zip-compressed file. Download includes:

  • SRA Presentation Slides
  • SwipeClock Partner Upgrade Kit
  • New Partner Onboarding Guide
  • Benefits of Upgrading to Workforce Management Suite
  • 2016 ACA and PBJ Compliance Guides
  • New ROI Calculator
  • Partner Marketing Program

Individual Downloads for Partners

Workforce Management Clock

Download the Workforce Management Clock ad and learn more about all the new features.

SwipeClock Upgrade Kit

Download the Partner Upgrade Kit to learn more about upgrading your clients to Workforce Management Suite.

Partner Marketing Program Flyer

Drive more traffic, generate more leads and close more deals with the Partner Marketing Program. Download the flyer to learn about the Content Sharing Platform and the Interactive Demo Platform.

ROI Calculator Tool

Download the ROI Calculator tool for Excel, Numbers or WordPress and share with your clients.

Customer Retention Strategies Flyer

Are you paying enough attention to your existing client? Download the Customer Retention Strategies Flyer and learn 5 proven strategies to strengthen your current client relationships.

ACA and PBJ Compliance Guides

Download our ACA Compliance Guide, Reports for ACA sheet, ACA and PBJ Compliance Guide and 2016 PBJ Compliance Guide here.

Partner Onboarding Guide

Download this onboarding guide for a comprehensive overview of the information and resources available to help you become a valuable, enabled, productive, and profitable SwipeClock reseller.

Individual Downloads for Clients

Benefits of Upgrading to Workforce Management Suite

TimeSimplicity Flyer

TimeWorksMobile Intro Flyer

TimeWorksPlus Flyer

Comparison Chart