The App That Saves Time: TimeWorks Mobile

By November 10, 2015Blog

When we added TimeWorks Mobile to our product offering in 2014 it was exciting news that we couldn’t wait to share! It was immediately apparent that we had a winning app for all our users. The app is convenient, easy-to-use and reliable.

TimeWorks Mobile brings together the best of automated timekeeping and convenience for employees with features that they’ve become accustomed to using in our Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal, such as adding notes to timecards, the ability to request time-off and, of course, providing an easy way to punch in and out as needed. It’s like a breath of fresh air as we step into the next generation of timekeeping with the ease of usability leading the way.

The clock in right from the TimeWorks Mobile app while walking into your first meeting of the day! When in a pinch for time, TimeWorks Mobile has proven to be so helpful so you no longer have to detour to the time clock when you need to join a meeting, or dial in on a conference call, etc.—quickly.

TimeWorks Mobile minimizes the common excuses of not being able to check work schedules, see available time-off, or when you clocked in or out for lunch—this handy little power-app is like a Swiss Army knife of timekeeping usefulness right on your mobile phone! It’s now better than ever with the notes feature improving communication between employee and supervisor, and the Pinpoint GPS location snapshots giving supervisors peace of mind, and ensuring staff is where they should be when clocking in or out. That breath of fresh air can really become a sigh of relief and everyone can concentrate on the work at hand.

Overall TimeWorks Mobile may seem like a small piece of the larger timekeeping experience, but the convenience and useful interface make it feel more like a step in modernizing timekeeping. More thought and care have been given to how employees and supervisors interface with their timecards and hours resulting in less time card related minutia to worry about which gives all of us more time to get down to business!

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