Don’t make these traditional marketing mistakes!

SwipeClock Marketing Article Published in Forbes

Although the majority of the information found on the SwipeClock website focuses around employment regulation for our partners and their clients, SwipeClock also works with partners to increase their online presence and sales. As part of a series of marketing articles, SwipeClock’s author, Annemaria Duran has published a marketing information article on Forbes The article, Applying Traditional Advertising Concepts to Online Marketing Is a Big Mistake covers mistakes that many marketing departments make when transitioning from traditional advertising to online marketing. It includes five main differences.

  1. The difference between Online ads and TV or Radio spots and how consumers respond to both.
  2. How casting a content net too large for a targeted audience hurts businesses and slows down marketing results.
  3. Undervaluing the Value of Building Trust through Quality Content reviews why content is vital for a successful website.
  4. Writing for Search Engines instead of People covers some of the content mistakes that marketers make on website blogs.
  5. Lastly, the article covers how failing to understand the difference between an advertising spot and constant traffic can sabotage online marketing.

Check out the article on and continue to follow SwipeClock for more hints and tips on marketing and employment law compliance!