Staying Competitive within Your Industry

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With all of the newly added payroll bureaus within the payroll service industry, the real differentiating factors are 1) products, 2) service, 3) price, and 4) the end user’s experience.

When asked what makes up a great payroll provider, many said the following:

1. Flexibility is key.
Process payroll, schedule payments, and make one-time payments easily and quickly.
One-system to pay full-time & part-time employees, independent contractors, and vendors.

2. Compliance is critical.
Do the heavy lifting by filing local, state, and IRS tax forms.
Meet compliance requirements in all 50 states.

3. Great user-experience sells products fast.
Simple, straight forward, and easy to use.
Accessible 24/7 (cloud-based)

4. Bundled services (one-stop shopping).
Highly integrated products save time, eliminate duplicate data, and ensures accurate data.
Bundled services are in high demand, today, it’s a standardized service offering.

5. Straight forward pricing.
Set pricing, no hidden charges.
Flat service fees with per employee pricing.

6. Friendly, honest, & reliable service.
Accessible, trustworthy customer service builds relationships & increases confidence.
Minimizes churn and increases monthly service revenue. (We all spend more with those we trust.)

SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite enables you to provide your clients the resources they need to track employee hours, manage their workforce with automation, and improve compliance for asset protection.

To complete our Workforce Management Suite, we are releasing our Workforce Management Clock. With its powerful feature set, it will eliminate duplicate punches and save clients, even more, admin time. And create an overall better user experience for employees. (There’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned.)

Contact your CDM to get started with our Workforce Management Suite and save up to 20% off of wholesale pricing.

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