Tech travels at warp speed in the healthcare industry. It’s not only patients who have benefited, employers use it to better manage their workforces. GPS tracking of mobile workers may not seem revolutionary, but it is helping employers in a big way.

What’s New In Mobile Workforce Management?

If you own a home healthcare business or work in HR and have not explored the latest mobile Workforce Management tools, keep reading. New mobile time clocks ensure timekeeping accuracy wherever your employees are working throughout the day or night. Your supervisors will appreciate how easy it is to see what’s going on with everyone in their department. What’s more, these mobile tools can be set up quickly for your staff and are surprisingly affordable. If you are looking for a way to streamline Workforce Management and simplify payroll, this is it.

Mobile Workforce Management For Home Health Aides

When your workers are mobile, the ordinary employee timekeeping and scheduling tasks are more complex. It’s hard enough to track rotating nurse schedules in a busy LTF, but when workers are spread across town, you need convenient mobile apps. These apps should allow them to clock in, check their schedule, access time card data, and request shift trades. They need to be able to do this quickly and conveniently so that patient care isn’t compromised due to a clunky time and attendance system.

Mobile Workers Have No Time For Admin Hassles

A home healthcare worker wakes up and hits the ground running. They check their patient roster and medication chart. “Do I have the necessary supplies for Mrs. Parker’s post-surgical needs?”  “Is Mr. Jones still on the route, or was he transferred to residential care?”

They may battle commuter traffic to get to their first appointment. When the aide arrives, he or she helps the patient get bathed and dressed, which often requires heavy lifting. The caregiver then takes the patient’s blood pressure and other vital signs, administers meds, makes breakfast, and does some housekeeping.

A Difficult Job Requires An Easy Mobile App

Keep in mind that many patients are dealing with chronic pain, restricted mobility, and the limitations of aging, so it’s understandable that they are not always happy campers. (Who can blame them?) Working as a home health aide can be rewarding, but it’s definitely not easy to care for people with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

The last thing a mobile worker needs to deal with is difficulty logging work hours, uncertainty about scheduling, or time card hassles. Burnout due to excessive overtime is common in the industry and, like many healthcare employees who work long hours; they live for their vacations. (“I better not get shorted on my PTO!”)

GPS Tracking Is A Supervisor’s Best Friend

Being a supervisor is not a walk in the park, either. What if an aide wakes up with the flu when two others are on vacation? The sick one certainly can’t risk transmitting their illness to a patient whose immune system is already compromised. How can the supervisor quickly find a replacement so that all patients are visited on schedule?

Workforce Management Suite from SwipeClock helps mobile healthcare companies manage large teams efficiently so their patients receive the care they deserve. Effective management is also key for controlling labor expenses.

Scheduling Mobile Workers

If you are responsible for scheduling, you know it can be pretty tricky. You have to take into account, oh, maybe a hundred variables. (I may be exaggerating, but it seems like it.) When creating schedules, you have to keep track of your employee’s certifications, patient visit durations, adequate shift coverage, patient status, travel time, and route details.

Scheduling impacts patient outcomes, profitability, employee satisfaction, and compliance.  The TimeSimplicity mobile app from SwipeClock has tools designed specifically for mobile Workforce Management:

  • The SwipeClock mobile time clock captures hours and automatically tracks accruals
  • Mobile employees can punch in from their smartphone or the tablet they are already using to record patient data
  • GPS tracking records location of clock in/out
  • Aides can check schedules, request shift trades, receive automatic schedule updates and company announcements, approve time cards, and monitor accruals from any mobile device, any time of day
  • Supervisors have real-time, location-specific oversight with pinpoint GPS tracking
  • Supervisors can create schedules in minutes using job codes, patient and employee locations, and hours thresholds to ensure efficiency and compliance

Here is how one SwipeClock mobile time clock user summed it up:

“By far, the biggest benefit of using TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity is having visibility to ensure we have the right people, in the right places, at the right times to provide the best care possible.”

Breathe Easier Knowing You Are Protected

Accurate employee time and attendance have significant compliance implications, as well. The construction industry has been under increased FLSA scrutiny in the past few years and wise owners should review their policies and improve them if necessary. Pay special attention to minimum wage laws, employee classification, proper payment of overtime, and ACA employee hours regulations. You may also live in a state that has added new Family Leave or Predictive Scheduling laws.

Your Employees Could Be Tracking Their Own Time

Did you know that employees can download a free time tracking app from the DOL website and log their own time? If an employee thinks they are being treated unfairly, he or she can request a DOL investigation. Would your time and attendance records stand up to an audit? If an owner can’t produce verifiable employee time and attendance records, he or she is usually assumed to be guilty.

You can find more information about SwipeClock Mobile Workforce Management for healthcare on our website.

By Liz Strikwerda