Meet David Barton – SwipeClock Support Supervisor

David’s been a part of the SwipeClock family for three years now (and counting.)

When asked what motivated him and what his job meant, David paused for a moment, and looked at me with a somber face and said “saving lives.” I stopped writing as he sat up straight and shared what that meant, “When employees receive their paychecks late due to a timekeeping error, it affects their everyday lives.” We both smiled in agreement because it’s true. So saving lives with automated timekeeping now makes perfect sense. David loves helping people; this is evident in every interaction he has with our Partners.

David and his wife of four years, Cassandra, enjoy playing Destiny together and spending time with their two Boxers, Dexter, and Cache. David enjoys reading books themed around fantasy such as his current read, the “Wheel of Time” series.

Role & Responsibilities 

We’re proud to share that David was recently promoted to Support Supervisor. His new role will still include handling support cases, specialized script writing and he’s our go-to resource for training our new Support team members. David has taken on the release management process from a Technical Support point of view and does a great job of making sure everyone on the team is kept in the loop on new releases. He also assists in creating training videos that cover various technical topics. David is just an all-around super fun guy, and we’re happy to have him.

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