Meet Ashlie Swanson & Becky Charlesworth- SwipeClock’s Training Team

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Ashlie & Becky are invaluable assets of the SwipeClock family. They are each responsible for providing various aspects of the training tools that you and your clients need.


Ashlie Swanson—Training Coordinator

Ashlie has been with us for over 12 years. As part of our Onboarding process, Ashlie provides the one-on-one training to each of our new Partners. She also coordinates with our internal resources to facilitate all of our Daily Training Series. Ashlie is instrumental in helping us plan the classes for our Summit and has been doing so since our very first conference. When I asked Ashlie to share her daily service goal, she didn’t have to think too long before answering, “To provide a warm welcome and personal experience that allows our partners to see first-hand that we recognize why we’re in business… because of our Partners.” She added, “I also want them to FEEL our commitment to their success and our partnership.”

Ashlie has been married to her high school sweetheart, Ryan for 12 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Gracie (10) and Olivia (9). As a family, they enjoy camping, swimming and playing with their dogs, Mogley and Cooper. Pretty much anything that enables their family to spend time together is what they like to do.


Becky Charlesworth—Training Documentation Specialist

Becky has been with us for almost four years. Her primary role is to focus on the training tools your clients need to learn our system by creating all of the How To’s. She also helps with various other training documentation that both you and your clients use daily.  When I asked what her service goals are Becky confidently said “To create informative, easy to understand training tools that ensure our end users know how to use our products.”

Becky enjoys reading historical & sci-fi/fantasy type books, such as Lord of the Rings. Becky enjoys finding new recipes on Pinterest and trying them out. She loves watching football. Her favorite teams are BYU & the Denver Broncos. Becky comes from a family of eight: her parents, four brothers and one sister. Becky enjoys camping & spending time with her immediate as well as extended family as much as possible.

Shared Responsibilities

Both Ashlie & Becky create the training videos for the SwipeClock Online Learning Resource (SOLR) that enable you to get system training when you need it, 24/7. Ashlie & Becky are a great team that works very well together. We appreciate all of their hard work and just wanted to let you know who is working hard behind the scenes to help you learn the features of our products.

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