How to Improve Your PBJ Reporting

By April 5, 2016Blog

Payroll Based Journal reporting consists of three parts: 1) direct care staff information 2) resident Census data and 3) the process of uploading your  data into the Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (QIES).

You’ll want to be sure the medical staffing titles you pass to QIES matches what The Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) uses. This is referred to as mapping and is crucial to the data passing through without errors. For reporting purposes, you may need to map to a title that is closest to your internal titles or job descriptions.

The required timekeeping data is for each direct care staff employee, per day and per category of work. We strongly suggest implementing an automated timekeeping solution such as TimeWorksPlus. The timekeeping data is used to determine your facilities quality of care, based on a five-star rating system. You will need to be sure the data you submit is also auditable in the event you’re audited.

Using a file to upload your PBJ data is best. This ensures the data is accurate by minimizing human errors. It is also the fastest way to enter the data into QIES. If you have missing data once you upload the file, you can always enter additional data manually to create a complete file for submission.