Updated January 1, 2021

A facial recognition timeclock is no longer a luxury. Touchless biometric clocks are a must-have for many of today’s workplaces. It’s both a health and safety device and the best technology for tracking time. It solves the myriad problems employers are facing as they bring employees back to the office–and try to keep them safe.

What is a facial recognition timeclock?

facial recognition timeclocksA facial recognition timeclock is a hardware clock that tracks employee time. The employee stands in front of the clock and faces the scanner. The timeclock identifies the employee by scanning their face and measuring key landmarks between facial features.

When the employee is authenticated, the timeclock records their clock-in for the shift. The timestamp is then sent to the time and attendance software where time worked is tracked on digital timecards, along with PTO accruals.

What are the advantages of facial recognition timeclock attendance systems?

  1. Touchless and sanitary–employees don’t have to touch a keyboard or fingerprint/palm reader
  2. Quick–prevents bottlenecks at shift changes
  3. Accurate–identifies faces with near 100% accuracy
  4. Can’t be fooled by a photo like some fingerprint clocks
  5. Works across the broadest range of environments and conditions
  6. Works for a wide range of skin tones, facial features, and heights
  7. No lost key cards, fobs or passwords
  8. Prevents buddy punching as it is virtually impossible to fool
  9. Controls access in secure environments

Is it better than a fingerprint scanning timeclock?biometric fingerprint reader

Although fingerprint scanning timeclocks are notably more secure than many other options on the market, there are still some drawbacks that a timeclock with facial recognition can mitigate. If employees are wearing gloves, they have to take them off which slows down the clock-in process. Additionally, there is a possibility fingerprint scanners could prove unreliable in dusty and dirty environments. Like all things in business, assessing your work environment is key to making a decision on what technology suits your business best.

Is it better than an iris scanner?

Iris scanners are slow and tedious. Employees must stand within a few inches, almost touching the device. Thus, they are less hygienic than facial recognition clocks.

Introducing SwipeClock Vision

SwipeClock is excited to announce our newest employee timeclock technology. SwipeClock Vision, a contactless biometric timeclock offers the ideal time and attendance solution for your workforce.

SwipeClock Vision identifies employees by quickly authenticating an employee’s face and allowing them to clock-in and get to work. Vision integrates with SwipeClock WorkforceHUB—a unified solution that automates everyday HR processes. Vision works in tandem with WorkforceHUB to prevent compliance penalties. Leverage the latest in workforce management to power your core and strategic HR workflows. Vision seamlessly connects to your time and labor solution and helps to better manage your compliance.

Because of the unmatched security of accurate biometric identification, there is no opportunity for buddy punching or time theft. SwipeClock Vision incorporates the latest time and attendance technology and integrates with other HR functions dependent on employee work hours data.

Because employee safety is paramount, businesses need a touchless timeclock that is easy to use and provides the security and reliability of biometric authentication for clocking employees in and out. SwipeClock Vision with facial detection has raised the bar on workplace hygiene by offering touchless operation that’s faster than any other method. With SwipeClock Vision, companies will be able to keep their workforces safe without losing the reliability of previous clocks. Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock.

With employee safety quickly becoming the highest priority, more and more businesses prefer the ease, security, and reliability of biometric authentication for shift clocking. SwipeClock Vision’s facial detection has raised the bar on workplace hygiene by offering touchless biometric shift clock in/out.

facial recognition timeclock

Protect your employees with SwipeClock Vision – touchless, hygienic facial recognition system timeclock for large and small businesses.

  • Minimal contact sanitary clock-in device
  • Faster, cleaner, safer
  • Fewer payroll errors
  • Eliminates buddy punching

SwipeClock Vision will be available for our direct customers and reseller partners by end of November 2020.


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