Are you looking to write a good article, blog post, or piece of content in just minutes? If so, check out our article in Forbes called Pressed for time? How to write a killer article in under 1 hour.

If you are looking for more time-saving, great ideas and tools on creating a great headline or coming up with content ideas- keep reading!

How do I come up with great content ideas, especially with a less-exciting topic?

Are you looking for new content?

First, start by identifying the things which make your company different. What makes your product superior? Brainstorm with your team. Each differentiating feature could be turned into an article that talks about the benefits and how that feature helps customers.

You can also take existing articles and turn them into other types of content. In this way you can recycle content and keep it interesting.

In addition, You can ask several questions that can be used as content.

  1. choose a new product.
  2. Tell the story of how it was made
  3. what problem was it created to solve?
  4. What features does it have and how do those features help?
  5. Describe the perfect Scenarios for your customers
  6. Talech customer stories
  7. Ask your sales guys what questions they got from customers or prospects-  use these questions as a topic for an article.
  8. find out what common issues get called in to tech support.
  9. talk to your customers and find out what their favorite features are.
  10. Talk about topics related to your business
  11. what questions can you answer in a short video or an article?

How do I come up with creative titles?

In addition to the suggestions I mentioned in Forbes, there are some other tools you can use to come up with creating headings. Here are a few ideas of titles you can use.

  • A question
  • The ultimate guide
  • Urgent News
  • What I learned from . . .
  • How to . . .
  • The Fastest way to . .
  • Stop doing this . . .
  • Infographic headlines
  • Why (do this)
  • Warnings and mistakes
  • Make my life easier . .
  • The Best . .
  • I would do this (Why you should . . .)
  • Why x does x (Why we never use spreadsheets for timekeeping)
  • This versus that: what is best
  • A list (10 ways to  . . )
  • No one will tell you . . .
  • Address an emotion such as fear

What if I can’t type or spell?

Speak your ideas. Most writing programs from note taking on your phone to google apps allow you to speak while it converts your speaking into writing. That will make it easier and faster to write your article. You can edit grammar, paragraph length, and fine tune when the article is complete. If you type good, but your spelling is atrocious, then run your article through a couple of spelling checkers. and are two great resources you can use.

  • Voice typing


You may be uncertain about your ability to spend less than many tedious hours putting together a blog post, but you can do it. Practice will make your writing muscles stronger.

Did we cover all your questions regarding quick content writing? What other questions do you have that we didn’t answer?