Buyer Personas: What we didn’t tell Forbes

Last month, Forbes, published an article by SwipeClock featuring how we use buyer personas to better understand both our end users and our partners. Check it out for great insights into your marketing approach.
However, we didn’t tell it all. . . Check out this list below on some great questions to ask about your buyer personas.

Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas

  1. Describe your personal demographics. Are your clients married? Where do they live? What’s their income? How old are they? Do they have kids? Where do they live?
  2. Describe your career path. How did they get where they are today? Did they switch careers or did they major in a subject similar to their job? Where did they study? What did they study? Are they in the same career that they started out in school?
  3. What is your role? What’s your title? What are you responsible for? What tasks are you over?
  4. Who do you report to? How senior is your buyer persona? Do they make decisions or recommendations for purchases? Is there someone else who has to buy in?
  5. How is your job measured? What metrics are you responsible for? What makes you successful at your job?
  6. What does your day typically look like? This helps you get an idea of how much time is spent and where. How does your product help them?
  7. What problems are you trying to solve? Find out specifics. It will vary by industry, business size, and demographics. What is your biggest challenge? What features are the most useful to you and why? Make sure you write down exactly what potential clients state as their biggest challenges.
  8. What social media platforms do you participate in? This helps you to know where your potential buyers spend their extra time.
  9. How do you prefer to interact with vendors? Do you prefer a telephone call or email? Do they expect a face-to-face meeting?
  10. Do you research vendors and solutions online? What avenues do you use? How do you make a decision? What information do you expect to find online?

Written by Annemaria Duran.