3 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Profits in 2016

By January 7, 2016 May 16th, 2017 Blog

Do you have new net profit goals for 2016? One way to advance your company toward those goals is by selling TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity as a single package. There are three ways combining these products helps you grow your net profits.

  1. When you combine these products, you are increasing your revenue by upselling—without having to actually make two separate sales.
  2. Offering both products as a single purchase allows your sales personnel offer price quotes more quickly, thereby leaving your opponents in the dust.
  3. SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite pricing directly reduces your costs.

Increasing revenues and cutting costs are the one-two punch of building net profits. Here’s how to do both.

First, lower your costs. Contact your Channel Development Manager to discuss what Workforce Management Suite pricing your company qualifies for.

Second, train your sales personnel on how to best sell the time management package. The process begins with pricing. Once fully trained, your sales representatives can provide fast and accurate quotes to potential clients. While your competitors are busy working up the numbers, you’re already beginning the onboarding process of your newest client.

Third, help your clients understand the benefits of the time management package. Employers get 2X the:

admin time-savings,

reduction in admin errors,

increased productivity,

growth in employee accountability, and

improved employee engagement.

Since TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity are fully integrated, the experience is seamless. Demonstrating the benefits of the Workforce Management Suite helps you close more sales, thus adding to your monthly service revenue.

Workforce Management Suite pricing enables SwipeClock partners to make more money and boost net profits faster. Call your Channel Development Manager to receive instructional materials on how to best utilize Workforce Management Suite pricing to boost profits in 2016.

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