3 Common PBJ Reporting Mistakes

By April 5, 2016Blog

Mistakes are opportunities for growth so why not use others’ mistakes to improve your PBJ reporting.

1. Manual data entry– is responsible for creating avoidable data errors. So why enter your PBJ data manually when you can implement an automated timekeeping solution to not only track employees hours and the work they perform but also create records that are auditable in the event of an audit.

2. Mismatched employee data– employee titles must match the standard titles used by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS). If they do not, they will error and may hinder you from submitting your PBJ report in time.

3. Unacceptable report format– when submitting your data you must upload it in an XML zip file format only.

To ensure your submission is acceptable the CMS strongly recommends that you take advantage of the voluntary submission period to get your reporting in sync with the Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (QIES).

To get started you will need to register your facility and obtain your user ID for QIES at https://www.qtso.com/cmsnet.html.