SwipeClock and BambooHR Integration Free Trial

Combining the award-winning BambooHR HRMS with SwipeClock’s Time and Attendance Software to complete your HR needs.


Employee Data Sync

All employees (or filtered lists) are synchronized between the two systems with BambooHR as the master source. No duplicate records — modifications and deactivations in BambooHR are automatically reflected in SwipeClock.

Single Sign On

Employees in BambooHR can easily access time services right from their portal through single sign-on (SSO). Clock in and out, view and approve time cards and see schedules. And, BambooHR’s easy and intuitive time-off requests are reflected in upcoming employee schedules.

Time Off Request Sync

Approved time-off requests in BambooHR are merged with SwipeCock timecard data, reflected in upcoming schedules and accounted for in payroll processing.

Your Typical Experience Before Integrating SwipeClock’s TimeWorksPlus with BambooHR’s HRMS

Without an integrated solution, you have to do the following for every new employee.

  1. Create an employee in BambooHR
  2. Create an identical employee in your Time and Attendance software/spreadsheet
    1. This leads to data entry errors and manual checking
    2. Every employee also has 15-20 fields that you have manually type twice

Processing Payroll is worse. Every 1 to 2 weeks here is a typical experience

  1. Import the clock ins/outs from your phone-based timekeeping software
  2. Run the software’s calculation of wages, taxes, and deductions
  3. Manually copy each employee’s regular and OT hours into your payroll software
  4. Double check each entry to ensure accuracy of your employee’s payroll
  5. Once everything is checked you then have to print the checks and send the direct deposit to the bank

Your Experience After Integrating


Here is what an integrated solution looks like when you enter an employee or they request time off.

  1. You enter an employee in BambooHR and that employee is automatically entered in TimeWorksPlus
  2. That employee requests time off and that request is automatically reflected on that employee’s schedule

How about when you process payroll?

  1. Employee’s’ regular and OT hours are automatically tabulated and easily imported into your payroll software.
    1. No double checking your data

How It Works

  1. First setup a BambooHR Administrator Account
  2. Fill out the form below
    1. This will put you in touch with a SwipeClock/BambooHR specialist
  3. We will then setup a GoToMeeting to finish the integration with you to ensure everything is perfect
  • *Overtime configured by State
  • Work Week