The App That Saves Time: TimeWorks Mobile

By October 14, 2015Blog


TimeWorks Mobile

Like most apps TimeWorks Mobile brings together the best of timekeeping for supervisors and end users from Employee Self-Service (ESS) functions like time card notes, to the ability to request time-off and of course providing an easy way to punch in and out as needed. It’s like a breath of fresh air as we step into the next generation of timekeeping with the ease of usability leading the way.

TimeWorks Mobile minimizes the common excuses of not being able to check work schedules, available time-off, or when you clocked in or out for lunch—this handy little power-app is like a Swiss Army knife of timekeeping usefulness right on your mobile phone!

It’s now better than ever with the notes feature improving communication between employee and supervisor, and the Pinpoint GPS location snapshots giving supervisors peace of mind, and ensuring staff is where they should be when clocking in or out. That breath of fresh air can really become a sigh of relief and everyone can concentrate on the work at hand.