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When you grow, so do we. We’re ready to help you drive more traffic, generate for leads, and close more deals.

The success of our partners is our primary goal. The most pressing marketing needs our partners consistently share with us are their struggles in being found online, driving more traffic to their website, increasing the quality of leads and their challenges to nurture and qualify leads.


That’s the inspiration behind the SwipeClock Partner Marketing Program — to provide our partners with solutions that help them increase their presence online, driving more traffic to their site which increases their leads and shortens the sales cycle. We do this through two key platforms designed to boost sales.

Two Platforms, Hundreds of Leads

Demo our products direct from your website and generate sales leads

The Interactive Demo Platform

Once a prospect is identified, the Interactive Demo Platform provides an enhanced experience with the solutions our partners offer.  Prospects customize their experience by identifying the features that are most important to them, only giving them the information they want.  Our partners manage all their leads through a dashboard that tells them exactly what the prospect is interested in which leads to a more constructive first call, a shorter sales cycle, increased conversion rates and more wins.

•  Interactive demo experience = higher conversion rates

•  Identify most important features = insight into prospect needs

•  Lead nurturing = shorter sales cycle

Like having your own Pinterest board with content ready for your website!

The Content Sharing Platform

Partners enrolled in our Marketing Program participate in our Content Sharing Platform where they receive relevant and compelling content on a weekly basis that they can easily share across all of their digital assets including blogs, email, websites, social media feeds and landing pages.  Partners using this tool increase traffic to their sites, enhance their search engine optimization and grow their thought leadership by sharing content that potential clients find value in.

•  Weekly shareable content = greater SEO

•  Share to all your digital platforms = more leads

•  Compelling and relevant content = be the expert in your market

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