Protect Your Business— Plan, Prepare & Execute for PBJ

By April 5, 2016Blog

Understanding what’s coming and putting a plan in place to meet the overall objective requires knowing your level of responsibility, putting the necessary tools into place, validating the data is accurate and submitting it within the required deadline.

Preparation is crucial to your ability to meet the ACA and PBJ compliance requirements successfully. This means identifying the solutions you need and investing in operational systems, resources, and providing the training your staff needs.

Implementation can make or break the execution of your solutions, and ultimately your ability to satisfy your compliance obligations. So you need to have the right tools in place and ensure the right people are managing them.

Operations is a vital component of your continued success. You need to ensure that continued education, training & support occurs regularly to ensure you’re able to remain compliant with ongoing reporting requirements and to stay current with any updates that will impact your ability to meet future reporting requirements.