Introducing the
Workforce Management Clock

Reducing labor costs one punch at a time.

PunchLogic™ prevents punch errors

  •  Eliminates duplicate punches and drastically reduces admin edits

  •  Improves accuracy of auditable timekeeping data for compliance

Break management controls labor costs

•  Prevents excessive breaks from increasing overtime and ACA costs

•  Allows breaks to be paid based upon hours worked

New Punch Types enable quick identification of work and rest periods

•  Improve tracking of departments, job codes, etc.

•  Create auditable record of employee breaks and meals

•  Increase usability with dedicated break, meal and transfer buttons

Configurable Settings fit an employer’s needs

•  Create a customized clock experience

•  Match custom break policies

Workforce Management Clock — improving the way employers track employee hours while reducing labor costs, one punch at a time. Available via modern web browsers on most devices.


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